Can You Get Fake Nails If You Bite Your Nails?

Can I Get Fake Nails If I Bite My Nails?

If you often bite your nails or suffer from onychophagia and it often get you in trouble with your parents or peers, or perhaps it’s just that shameful yet irresistible side of you. We understand some of the vices we are all struggling with and it is pleasing to know there are solutions to them … Read more

How To Keep Acrylic Nail Brush From Getting Hard

How To Keep Nail Art Brush From Getting Hard

Diligently guiding your tools is one of the ways to show your professionalism when it comes to manicure. When conducting a DIY manicure in your home or as a professional manicure service provider, one of the tools you can’t joke with is your brush. You can easily achieve a smooth surface when putting your nail … Read more

16 Easy Nail Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

There’s no better way to create your kids favourite cartoon character other than to turn them into some awesome creative nail arts and designs on their nails. Doing this will not only make them happy but will also ignite and brings out the creativity in them as they would want to play with various nail … Read more

What Nail Shapes Makes Your Hands Look Younger?

What Shape Of Nails Can Make Your Hands Look Younger?

No lady likes to be told, that they look older or they are growing old. This is the specific reason why a lot of women take their skincare routine seriously, this includes the look of their hands and fingernails. Imagine the confidence you feel when someone holds your hands and your nails are sleek, beautiful, … Read more

Nail Stickers Vs Polish Strips

Are Nail Stickers Better Than Nail Polish Stickers?

There is no doubt that nail polish strips and stickers are popular products. They’re convenient and affordable, and they give you some fun options when it comes to nail art. However, do they live up to the hype? Are they better than regular nail polish? Which one should you choose if you’re in the market … Read more

How To Grow Nails Faster With Vaseline

Is Vaseline Good For Your Nails?

The maintenance of our fingernails and toenails is important for our health and cosmetics. A good nail is free of fungus infections (see our previous post, “Why are my nails detaching from the nail bed” to know more about fungus infection), painful ingrown, and infections of the skin in the hands and feet. Choosing the … Read more

How To Get Dried Nail Acrylic Out Of Brushes

How To Get Acrylic Out Of Brushes Without Acetone

When people lookout for new relaxing hobbies, they often turn to paint, be it art painting or nail painting, as it brings them solace and satisfaction. Working with acrylics is one of the first types people start with, but the quick-to-dry effect might bring worry whether you are a novice or someone more experienced. So, … Read more

Does Acetone Clean Paint Brushes

Does Nail Polish Remover Ruin Your Paint Brushes?

Nail polish remover contains acetone, which is a strong solvent and can dissolve most glues and varnishes. It’s also one of the active ingredients in paint thinner, which is used to clean paintbrushes. Nail polish remover can be very useful in our everyday life but they do have some downsides. One of which is the … Read more