How To Do Anything With Long Nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails No Matter The Length

Long nails are a great addition to any look. They make you look more elegant and give you more confidence in your appearance. They’re great for many things: scratching an itch, playing guitar, or pushing a button on your phone without getting your fingers dirty. But they can also be a nuisance. However, have you, … Read more

How To Get Longer Nail Beds

How To Get Long Nail Beds In 2022 With Steps

When it comes to the act of lengthening nail beds, the best bet is to push them back. But it has to be done systematically. So how do you push them back when your cuticle is hard or soften them a bit? In this article, I will explain how to get longer nail beds. After … Read more

9 Tips To Grow Healthy Natural Nails

Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020 With This Secret

Having healthy nails is important for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it’s a sign that you’re taking care of yourself in general. When your nails are healthy and strong, it means your body is functioning well. You’re getting enough nutrients and vitamins. You’re able to absorb the nutrients you need, etc. But beyond … Read more

Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

Nothing beats having a beautiful manicure with the right color, but you shouldn’t give yourself that aesthetic beauty without considering the best nail shape for your fingers. Nails are a good way to express yourself, especially if you want to get creative with designs. Various nail shapes can create different looks depending on their length … Read more

What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End?

What Can I Use To Wipe Sticky Gel Nails?

When it comes to keeping shiny and attractive nails, sticky gel nails seem to occupy the top spot on the chart. And in case you may be asking why? The answer is pretty simple. Sticky gel nails have a wide range of nail art. The color is good and highly transparent. Sticky gel nails last … Read more

Can You Get Fake Nails If You Bite Your Nails?

Can I Get Fake Nails If I Bite My Nails?

If you often bite your nails or suffer from onychophagia and it often get you in trouble with your parents or peers, or perhaps it’s just that shameful yet irresistible side of you. We understand some of the vices we are all struggling with and it is pleasing to know there are solutions to them … Read more

How To Keep Acrylic Nail Brush From Getting Hard

How To Keep Nail Art Brush From Getting Hard

Diligently guiding your tools is one of the ways to show your professionalism when it comes to manicure. When conducting a DIY manicure in your home or as a professional manicure service provider, one of the tools you can’t joke with is your brush. You can easily achieve a smooth surface when putting your nail … Read more

16 Easy Nail Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

There’s no better way to create your kids favourite cartoon character other than to turn them into some awesome creative nail arts and designs on their nails. Doing this will not only make them happy but will also ignite and brings out the creativity in them as they would want to play with various nail … Read more

What Nail Shapes Makes Your Hands Look Younger?

What Shape Of Nails Can Make Your Hands Look Younger?

No lady likes to be told, that they look older or they are growing old. This is the specific reason why a lot of women take their skincare routine seriously, this includes the look of their hands and fingernails. Imagine the confidence you feel when someone holds your hands and your nails are sleek, beautiful, … Read more