10 Biography Facts Of Ras Nene’s Curvy ‘Girlfriend’AJ Pretty – Her Real Name, School, Businesses, Sassy Photos, Etc.

Mouth-watering pictures and everything to know about AJ Pretty, the model, actress and video vixen commonly spotted with actor Ras Nene.

Kumawood actor Ras Nene has soared up recently with his series of funny skits. He is the most talk about comedian in town at the moment.

One of the ladies in his bragging videos which he calls it “Keyshay” in which he seeks to win her heart is AJ Pretty.

AJ Pretty is a beautiful young actress who is carving a niche for herself thanks to Dr. Likee.

Many may want to know more about AJ Pretty since she has caught the attention of Ghanaians with her appearance in comedy skits with Ras Nene; who she is, what she does, her pictures etc.

Today, Zea.ng presents ten (10) facts you probably didn’t know of AJ Pretty:

  1. Real Name:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty’s real name is Lilian Gyan. She has a traditional name called Adjoa which her friends have abbreviated it to AJ.

2. AJ Pretty is an actress:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty started acting at 2015 and has been featured in numerous movies such as “Suro Wadofo”, “Ntitiepa” etc. She has featured in movies with Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Scopion, just to mention few.

3. Other Jobs

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty is a businesswoman. When Kumawood was on the urge of collapsing, AJ Pretty was selling ladies dresses. AJ Pretty is model and video vixen and has been featured in music videos of many musicians.

AJ Pretty has been featured in Guru’s songs like “No Noise” and “Bad Energy”, Yaa Pono’s song “1997”, Donzy and Kuami Eugene’s “Slay Mama” etc.

4. Management:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty is managed by Ohiani Ba Comedy Tv. Ohiani Ba is one of the Kumawood YouTube channels doing a great job to project Ghana on the map.

Ohiani Ba got AJ Pretty to be part of Ras Nene’s comedy skits and since then, she has been the most seen lady in many comedy skits of Ras Nene.

5. School:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty is a product of GH Media. She has explained in her interview with Kwadwo Sheldon that she has not completed but still has determinations to continue in the future.

On why she paused schooling to be actress, AJ Pretty said she had no option than to do so to secure the bag.

6. Comedy Skits

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty is a beautiful young actress who is carving a niche for herself thanks to Dr. Likee.

According to AJ Pretty, she together with Ras Nene and her manager can shoot 15 videos daily and upload them on YouTube.

With her outstanding acting prowess, AJ Pretty debunked going to an acting school as she has revealed it is something within her.

7. Aspiration:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty has detailed she wants to be seen on screens all the time and never wants to fade.

AJ Pretty wishes to be ambassador for some companies in the future and also to be seen as a role model to many upcoming actresses and actors.

8. AJ Pretty’s top five actors and actresses:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty has disclosed that her top five favorite actors and actress are Nana Ama McBrown, Emelia Brobbey, Jackie Appiah, Ras Nene and Akrobeto.

However, AJ Pretty explained that she like everyone but the names mentioned above are what comes to her mind anytime she is asked to give her favorites.

9. Destruction as an actress:

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

AJ Pretty just as many other actresses has faced s3xual assaults from producers. According to her, a producer can ask an actress to meet her in a hotel and demand for s3x before she gets a role in movies.

Per her points, AJ has explained she never fell for such attempts and that is why she has very limited movies.

10. Eye-catching Photos

Ras Nene's AJ Pretty

Lilian Gyan popularly called AJ Pretty is one of the beautiful upcoming actresses in the Kumawood scenes.

On social media, she has been flaunting her stunning body which turns heads.

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