10 “Ugly” Celebs In Ghana Who Have Made It & Are Now Rich (Photos)

I am too short, I am ugly, I am too tall, I am too fat and I am too skinny are some of the excuses people have been using for generations to generations to underutilized their God-given talent.

For your information, how tall you are, how short you are, how fat you are and how skinny you have no place in building a nation and being glorious.

What matters is intelligence and the ability to utilize your God-given talent. It’s said Einstein was not only fat and ugly but was fearsome like a lizard with a crooked body. Yet we all know his achievements centuries after his death.

We have similar issues in Ghana, people have been too shy and too afraid to show their talents because they think they are unpresentable in their eyes. But Some people too ignored those remarks and has gone on to prove looks is nothing if you have intelligence and ability.

And today Zea.ng celebrates them. Check Out 10 “Ugly” Celebs In Ghana Who Have Made It & Are Rich Now (Photos)


When Edem entered the music scene in 2008, Many were those who were preoccupied with his looks and refused to see his talent.

Now Edem is one of the greatest rappers we have in Ghana now and he is rich for it. Talent is everything.


In as much as some people thought and still think King Ayisoba is ugly, he is on top of his game and has performed for dignitaries both home and abroad.

The man is now rich mainly from his shows abroad which have a huge number of audience attending because of his African traditional songs.


Obrafour the Rap Sofo is by far one of the top rappers Ghana has and is likely to ever have. The man is dope on lyrics and the rap game.

So be there and concentrate on his short figure and ugly face, He is making money more than  you can imagine with is brains and talents


Lilwin is the favorite among all the actors and actresses in Ghana now according to a survey done by Zea.NG couple of weeks back.

Well, even though good looks were not the special features of Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin but he embraced who he is as a comic actor and a very smart one at it too. He is counted among the most expensive actors in Ghana now. And he has several properties to his name.


Cris waddle is not the best looking guy but we all know how he is on top of his game and very rich too. He hit the limelight in 2012 with his “Ayi” remix.

He is the CEO of AMG and he is filthy rich by all standards.


If I want to discuss the achievements and the wealth of Shatta Wale, am not likely to end anytime soon. The dancehall king keeps making records in the music scene and keeps winning awards

So just as I said, be there and concentrate on his ugly face and his big mouth. He is making money beyond your wildest dreams.


Ofori Amponsah undoubtedly is one of the best high life singers in Ghana for some time now. A protege of Daddy Lumba, Ofori went on to rub shoulders with powers that be in the music industry and got a lot of money for it.

He stopped doing secular music to do God’s work but he is back and he is already making waves with a couple of songs.

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