18-year-old boy causes stir as he flaunts his two heavy mansions on his birthday [Video]

A teenage birthday celebrant from Nigeria has stirred mixed reactions after he took to social media to showcase houses he has supposedly put up at a tender age.

Kennie – who just turned 18 years – took to TikTok to show off two completed detached properties built on the same land from the ground up.

In the later part of the video, one could also see his car parked in the compound of the new contemporary edifices.

The huge structures boast exquisite interiors and exteriors, with the young man’s name inscribed on the building’s doorstep.

Sharing the video, he congratulated himself on achieving such a great feat at his young age, writing, “Congrats to me at 18.”

Watch the video below

The video, which has garnered over 200k views on the platform, also depicted the various stages of the construction process until its completion.

Whiles many have joined him in the celebration of his new age and showered him with well-meaning messages tapping into his blessings, others have attributed his success at a young age to fraud.

Naysayer claim he used dubious means to acquire his wealth as some of them are over 20 years and do not even own a bicycle.

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