You Are BiG Lair With No Evidence – Vim Lady Dirties And Exposes Captain Smart

Vim Lady has taken it upon herself to dissect all the lies in Captain Smart’s supposed lies about John Kumah’s death.

According to Vim Lady, Captain Smart has no evidence concerning his claims that John Kumah was poisoned.

Speaking on OKAY FM, Vim Lady dared Captain Smart to tell the world the colour of the poison he claims was used to take John Kumah’s life.

Pressing on, Vim Lady cleared the trending notion that John Kumah was a potential running mate for Dr Bawumia.

As stated by Vim Lady, it’s past time Ghanaian journalists dedicate their platforms to tackling national issues instead of deliberately dropping lies just to score cheap points.

Vim Lady also dismissed Captain Smart’s claim that NDC’s Kofi Jumah has also been poisoned and that’s the reaosn behind his ailing health.

Watch the video below to know more…

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