Always remember that nothing works, until you make it work, you need to also remember that there are no short cut to wealth and prosperity, a lot of person’s thinks that rituals will give them money if they choose not to work, you must have a channel through which the spirit’s will bless you with money, your rituals are dead if you don’t have any work or business through which money will locate you, therefore these ritual will not work for you if you don’t have what you are doing, remember the wise saying, he or she that wants love must show love first, this ritual will help you to attract
happiness, luck, success, and love,
In the field of esotericism and white magic, there are several rituals with cloves that help to attract happiness, luck, success and love.
Indeed, the clove has many spiritual powers such as attracting luck, love, money and sometimes even business success.
That said, this ritual with 77 cloves is surely one of the most powerful rituals to undertake and succeed in several aspects of one’s life.
The benefits of the ritual with 77 cloves
– With this you will be amazed at your financial inflows.
– With this you will get to know a lot of people and be attracted to a lot of good people.
– With this you will have great openings in your field of work.
– With this you will be attractive and very attracted to the opposite sex.
– With this you will have a strong customer attraction.
– With this it is success and happiness.
– You will be loved and appreciated wherever you go.
Remember, life is give and take,
Don’t expect joy, happiness, love, and peace if you are not giving out the same,
77 cloves
7 sugar cubes
Crush the cloves and the sugar cubes to obtain a powder. Divide this powder into 9 parts for men and 7 parts for women!
Every morning before taking your bath, you put some of this powder in your bath water from the 1st day until the 7th day for women and from the 1st day until the 9th day for men while making your wishes of luck , happiness and success.
Remember, if you are not in peace with your spiritual family, this ritual will not work for you because it’s the Spiritual that controls the physical

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