Abeiku Santana to join Mcbrown at ONUA TV?

A section of social media users have submitted that Abeiku Santana wants to join ONUA TV\FM reason he deliberately attacked his bosses on live radio yesterday.

This is because this isn’t the first time someone has refused to attend an interview he or she has earlier agreed to show up for.

But because of the cordial relationship he has with his bosses he decided to fire and publicly disgrace them so that he can capitalize on it to exit Despite Media and join ONUA TV.

For the first time, the award-winning presnter called out his bosses on live radio following Fadda Dickson’s refusal to grant an interview he has initially agreed to honour.

Disappointed Abeiku Santana took deep swipes at his bosses and the set of big men who called him to pull the flyer of the scheduled interview down.

Abeiku Santana alleged that the General Manager of Despite Media, Kennedy Osei called him just a few hours before the show to pull down the flyer he has already shared online.

Pressing on, Abeiku Santana additionally disclosed that some big men and his employer called him on the phone to talk to him to cancel the interview he had scheduled with Fadda Dickson.

Reacting to the alleged scripted plan to exit Despite Media for ONUA, Francis Macarthy on Facebook for instance commented… “Abeiku Santana want to go to ONUA FM , he was just doing this for him to be fired or sack from Despite media , simple”

Ernest Adjenim Boateng He just wanna leave to media general but doesn’t kno how to go…so using such antics n when they sack him quickly he joins them

Sky Power Abeiku Santana, please come to Onua ?firis? onua do nkoaa saa

Senior Melchizedek General – I think Abeiku have decided already to leave 

Amponsah Tabiri  – Dude wants the transfer fee some

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