Abena Korkor drops new chopping list; Randy Abbey, Peduase Owner, others – Video

In a raw and unfiltered social media update, mental health activist Abena Korkor has once again bared her soul to the public, sharing her experiences and struggles with mental health and relationships.

Her latest update, however, delves into her romantic encounters and interactions with various men, some of whom she alleges offered her financial incentives for sex$al favors.

One of the names that has surfaced in Abena Korkor’s revelations is Alex, reportedly the owner of Peduase Lodge, who she claims offered her a substantial sum of $20,000 for se$.

Prominent figures like veteran media personality Randy Abbey also made it into Abena Korkor’s updated list.

Amid the raw confessions, Abena Korkor also expressed her desire to embrace opportunities that financial stability might offer, especially in contrast to her struggles, symbolized by her mention of “taking troski” (public transportation).

The update also features an unexpected shout-out to musician Criss Waddle, indicating a past romantic connection.

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