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Abraham Attah is a Ghanaian actor, known for his lead role in the critically acclaimed movie “Beasts of No Nation.” He was born on July 2, 2001, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Abraham Attah’s acting career started in 2015 when he was discovered by a talent scout while playing soccer in his neighborhood. He was then cast as the lead character, Agu, in the movie “Beasts of No Nation.” The movie, directed by Cary Fukunaga and also starring Idris Elba, tells the story of a child soldier in an unnamed African country. Abraham’s performance in the film earned him critical acclaim and several awards, including the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

Following the success of “Beasts of No Nation,” Abraham Attah has continued to act in movies, including “Out of the Village” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” He has also used his platform to advocate for education and raise awareness about child labor in Ghana. In 2017, he was appointed as a Free SHS Ambassador by the Ghanaian government, to promote free education for all children in Ghana.

Abraham Attah currently resides in the United States, where he is pursuing his education and his acting career. Despite his success, he remains humble and dedicated to making a positive impact in his community and beyond.

Abraham Attah Biography

Abraham Attah is a 21 years old talented Ghanaian teenage actor and rising filmmaker.

The young actor achieved international fame after his role in the movie, Beasts Of No Nation.

He is based in the United States where is studying and pursuing his career at the same time. He was born in his hometown, Greater Accra Region in Ghana in 2001.

Abraham Attah
Abraham Attah: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & Data
Full Name: Abraham Attah
Born: 2 July 2001 (age 21 years old)
Birth Place: Accra
Nationality: Ghanaian
Wife • Girlfriend: Not Hooked
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: $500,000

Abraham Attah Early Life

Abraham Attah was born on the 2nd of July 2001 to Mr and Mrs Attah. He hails from the Ga-Dangme ethnic group in Accra, Ghana.

He comes from a lower-class family with his mother working as a trader in the market while his father works at the Port.

He has five siblings. He currently resides in the United States where he is studying at the university. During the holidays, he is mostly on film sets shooting movies.

Abraham Attah Education

He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate from a public primary school in Ghana.

He graduated from high school in 2019. He was 18 years old.

At the moment, he is undergoing an undergraduate degree program in one of the top universities in the US.

Abraham Attah Career

Abraham was discovered in 2015 by casting director Harrison Delbit while he was playing soccer on his school field in Accra. He had skipped class to engage in the game.

Harrison took a liking to him immediately because he felt that he was the best fit for the role of Agu in the movie, Beasts Of No Nation.

The movie was Netflix’s first original movie and it was adapted from the novel of the same title, written by Nigerian-American author Uzodinma Iweala.

After auditioning hundreds of young boys in Ghana, Harrison cast Abraham for the role.

He played the lead role of Agu, a child soldier during the Sierra Leone civil war, and acted alongside top British actor Idris Elba.

For his role in the movie, Abraham won the Best Young Actor award at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

In 2015, he played the role of Mebro in the short film, Out Of The Village.

He was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, where he played the role of Abe Brown.

In 2020, he was featured in the movie Tazmanian Devil playing the role of Dayo Ayodele. The movie was shot in Houston, Texas.

He has worked with leading actors such as Kamron Alexander, Kwesi Boakye, Dariel Embry, Joshua Reed, amongst others.

He won the Best Actor in a Leading role and Discovery of the year categories at the 2015 Ghana movies awards.

Abraham Attah Social Media

Abraham Attah has over 168k active followers on Instagram. His official Instagram handle is @abraham.attah.

Abraham Attah Personal Life

He is 21 years old and a Christian. Abraham Attah is currently single. His parents and siblings live in Ghana. He travels down to Ghana during the holidays to pay a visit to his parents.

He hasn’t publicized any girlfriend, spouse or wife to be yet since he is still very much young. We look forward to seeing him hooked one day.

Who is Abraham Attah girlfriend?

Abraham Attah is single as of 2021. The talented actor became famous when he was only 14, too young to be in a relationship. Even after turning 18, the universal age for maturity, the actor is still single. However, his relationship status has not stopped rumour mills from publishing speculative stories about his relationship status.

Abraham Attah Net Worth

The American based Ghanaian actor, Abraham Attah has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Abraham Attah Work

Since he was 15, the talented actor has been involved in different projects. Some of his career highlights include:

Abraham Attah actor

Since 2015, Attah is one of the most celebrated African actors globally. The main Abraham Attah movies in the past six years are:

1. Beasts of No Nation (2015)

With no background in acting, Abraham Attah was cast to be the lead actor in Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation. Under the talented Cary Joji Fukunaga, the teenage actor gave one of the war/drama movie scenes’ best performances.

Playing Agu in the film was instrumental in two ways. First, his authentic Ghanian accent made the show unique, mainly because it has an African theme. Second, Attah’s lack of prior experience in acting made him a gem to the film, which had A-list actors such as Idris Elba.

Beast of No Nation also received one of the best ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The 92% approval rating was the second-highest in 2015 after Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ 93%. IMDb also gave the show a 7.7/10 rating.

Besides the impressive ratings on different platforms, the film gave Abraham Attah Oscars first appearance. Although he was not nominated, he was one of the highlights on the red carpet.

2. Out of the Village (2015)

After massive success with his movie debut, Attah needed a new challenge. Playing Mebro in the new short film was a perfect project for the new actor. Even though the movie did not get a lot of buzz in the USA, it enjoyed a huge viewership in Ghana and West Africa.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Attah played Abe Brown in the 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Although he was not the lead actor in the American superhero film, it was a perfect comeback for him after taking a two-year break from acting. He also worked with some of the best producers, such as Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal.

4. Tazmanian Devil (2020)

The actor played Dayo Ayodele in the 2020 Tazmanian Devil. The film was unique to Attah in two ways. First, it was his significant role since 2015. Second, the American drama film was a good ‘comeback’ after three years.

As brands ambassador

Thanks to his big brand, Abraham Attah does influencing gigs. In the past two years, he has worked with EducationUSA to promote learning opportunities in the USA for young Ghanaians. Even though most of the videos, for example, the 2019 promotional video, are often short, Attah is a perfect brand ambassador for such a project.

Besides working with international brands such as EducationUSA, the young actor is also an SHS Ghana ambassador. When President Nana Akufo-Addo launched the Free Secondary High School education policy in 2017, the actor was announced as the ambassador, thanks to his international and local influence.

Abraham Attah Awards And Nominations

Since 2015, Attah has received more than ten nominations in Ghana and the USA. Some of the most iconic recognitions include:

  • Best Young Actor, (72nd) Venice International Film Festival (for Marcello Mastroianni Award) – Won.
  • Rising Star Award in the 2015’s Black Film Critics Circle – Won.
  • Best Actor (in a Leading Role and Discovery of the Year) in 2015 Ghana Movie Awards – Won.
  • Best Male Lead in the 2016’s Independent Spirit Awards – Won.

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