After testing ‘For Girls’ on her, a 19-year-old boy impregnates his mother

Ekanem, 19, has brought shame upon himself by attempting the abominable after disgracefully impregnating his own mother. It was amazing how far this adolescent was willing to go to satisfy his insatiable pleasures and desires.

News of his heinous act spread like wildfire after DSP Celestine Kalu, the Public Relations Officer of the Port Harcourt River State Police Command, revealed how the boy carried out his heinous act.

According to the police, Ekanem, a 19-year-old boy, had harbored a strong sex5al desire for women for a long time and got tensed to try the act out.

Adolescence we all know comes with a strong sex5al desire, but Ekanem took his to another level after he visited a herbalist for a love charm known as “For girls.” He intended to test the charm on his mother and matron at school after obtaining it.

So, one faithful day, he returned home from school, ready to test his charm on his mother, who was alone at home. However, he believed the charm would not work, so he considered it nothing more than a trial.
His father, on the other hand, was a security guard who was on duty in another state and would be away from home for several months.

Following his spiritualist’s or herbalist’s instructions, the 19-year-old lad entered her mother’s chamber, and before he knew it, his mon had succumbed to him at first sight, and he had his way with his mother under the effect of the charm.

When his mother became pregnant after three months, he immediately notified her husband, who denied the pregnancy because he was absent during those months and so could not be the father of the child she was carrying.

After things heated up, the mother realized that someone familiar to her son had been entering the room to have his way with her; she quickly confronted her son, who threatened to kill her if she told anyone; the mother, fearful, reported the case to the police, and the boy was arrested; Ekanem confessed to being responsible for the pregnancy and asked for forgiveness, but the damage he had caused was irreversible.

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