Ama Official drops part 2 atopa video with Asantewaa’s brother

The ongoing saga involving Ghanaian TikTok personalities Ama Official and Kay Verli has taken an unexpected turn, as a new audio recording has emerged, casting further shadows on the nature of their relationship.

This latest development has ignited fresh discussions and speculation surrounding the accusations and counter-accusations between the two individuals, bringing a new layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

Recall that a few weeks ago, the controversy between Ama Official and Kay Verli began with a public exchange of accusations and counter-accusations. Ama Official initially pointed fingers at Kay Verli’s sister, Asantewaa, alleging that she had leaked her private and explicit videos on social media.

Amidst this initial back and forth, Asantewaa vehemently denied the allegations, leading to a highly publicized feud. However, recent developments have introduced a new piece of evidence in the form of an audio recording, allegedly shared by Ama Official on social media.

This recording has captivated attention due to the voices featured within and the implications it holds for the ongoing controversy. In the trending audio, a voice purported to belong to Kay Verli can be heard engaging Ama Official in a conversation.

As heard, Kay Verli asked Ama Official about the intensity of their sexsal encounter and whether he had been too rough with her.

In response, an audible sound of moaning, believed to be Ama Official can also be heard.

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