Bath “Nyamedua”(Alstonia) + “Abrewa kata wotw3” (Mimosa) + prekese on your soul day for breakthrough

Aidan Fruit is called Prekese in the Twi language of Ghana. It is also called Uhio in the Igbo language of Nigeria. The tree has many uses.

The believe is that prekese plant brings good luck with good spirits, which protect people from harm, this is when this plant is burnt around or bath with. The plant can be consumed, applied and used for medicinal purposes as well. The spiritual of this plant believe to brings people together.

Lets also know that, In some African countries and other parts of world, the plant Alstonia boonie(Nyamedua) is considered as a holy tree which has a supernatural spirit in it and therefore nobody is allowed to eat or cut any part of the tree except for medicinal or other purpose, many bath with this plant and offer some wishes to God for protection and seek for good health.

The plant also has medicinal purpose where the bark, its dry leaves and roots are also used for treating illness like measles, ulcer, etc which has been proven traditionally.

The plant is known locally in Ghana as nyame Dua in Akhan, Nzema’s call it Nyamenlebaka whiles Ga-adangbe’s call it Adawura. Most of traditional kings stool or twins stool are made from this tree also.

The infusion can be used in similar manner, like a floorwash, but is most often used in form of bath, to annul hexes and curses, while also  providing protection from them.

It is said to confer prophetic dreams when placed bellow pillow, also protecting from nightmares and helping pleasant dreams come true, If one desires it.

Mimosa is very sensitive leave, they normally moves when you touch it. This plant is use in traditional home added to all sort of love mixtures, as a touch of subtitle dominance, particularly by women. It’s has some influence and domination properties, and sometimes used in influence and control  command from evil act . In fact  due to it’s spiritual nature and power that God put in this tree to confront, fight and deny power of evil, it can be used in formulas to protect from demons, help controlling them and decrease the powers they may use against one.

Bathing with prekese, Alstonia boonie and Mimosa herb is a good and useful direction which help eliminating bad luck , weak soul promise and fail and also spiritual marriage from your side and increase your lucky star to shine and also bring more prosperity and good luck in the beginning of the year.

Things you may need

-3 Aidan fruit (prekese)

-Leaves of Alstonia boonie (Nyamedua)

-Mimosa leaves

-3 diffirent Old and news currency (coins).


-Please get the leaves of Nyamedua and the mimosa leaves.pound in a motar or you can use your hands to mash.

-Pour water into it and cut the Prekese into 3 equal part so you will get 6 piece and put them in the water.

Leave it utill 12:00 a.m and bath with it while saying your wishes during the bathing. Remember a wish if prayers.

Put the coins around the bowl to pay any spiritual debt. After bathing, find a 3 junction or refuse dump and discard the rest with the coins and go back to sleep. Don’t clean yourself after bathing don’t forget to say a wishes of prayers.

NB: Do this direction 3 time befor the end if the year and also make sure you get the leaves before 5:30 pmThank you.

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