Beautiful lady dies on her way to ‘sakawa’ boyfriend’s funeral (Video)

According to reports that surfaced on social media after the gory accident, Hamdiya left school to visit Rich Hommie.

As alleged by some Netizens, Hamdiya Adams who was a student at Tanoso Midwifery College had spent her school fees and wanted money by all means to get money to pay her fees.

During a WhatsApp conversation with one of her friends, Hamdiya disclosed that she was planning to leave school in search of money.

Her friend advised her to stay in school but unfortunately, her words fell into deaf ears.

Hamdiya left school to visit Rich Hommie in Kumasi.

While they were cruising in town, they both died in an accident inside a Mercedes Benz car.

Following the news of Rich Hommie’s death, Akua Berry, who’s Rich Hommie’s reported girlfriend hurriedly jumped into a car from Accra to Kumasi to witness his candlelight procession.

While on her way to Kumasi, Akua Berry also died in an accident after initially losing her arm and was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment

Watch the video below to know more…

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