Bongo Ideas Nyash was knacked, he refused to add it up in his write up- Coming from a prophet or an accomplice

A recent social media post by a follower of Bongo Ideas, whose name is hidden, challenged Bongo Ideas to explain how some guys degraded him.

The writer of the statement wrote “why are you refusing to tell the public how they made some men face your ass(Anus) if you want to tell the world what happened, you should be able to add that, since you want to use this fake story to seek political asylum in US”

If Bongo genuinely wants Ghanaians to accept him, the anonymous writer urges him to either confirm or deny.

Following the tweet, a few Ghanaians expressed their opinions about the narrative, saying that Bongo has to face consequences.

Others remarked that no one had ever done anything to him.He needs to be investigated, and if it comes out that he orchestrated the kidnapping, the law will hold him accountable.

Watch the writers post below :

Bongo Ideas, who was purportedly detained for criticizing the First Lady of Ghana on her birthday, recently tweeted that he will shortly provide the public with an explanation of what transpired.

He said in a tweet that he posted on social media that his phones, laptops, and identification were seized but that he will break his silence shortly.

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