BREAKING NEWS: Former Brazilian footballer, Dani Alves has reportedly ends it all in prison

Unconfirmed reports reaching the editorial desk of has it that former Brazilian football star, Dani Alves has committed suicide in prison.

Weeks ago, prison authorities at Brians 2 activated the anti-suicide protocol with Dani Alves, the former footballer who faces a possible 9-year jail sentence for allegedly raping/sexually assaulting a girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on 30th December 2022.

Since his statement at his trial, in which he claimed he is innocent, and even going back to the days before he appeared in the dock, his mental health has plummeted and bosses at the centre fear he may harm himself or try to end his life.

A former cellmate of Dani Alves gave a statement to the program ‘Fiesta’, of ‘Telecinco’, in which he said that the prison of Brians 2 in Barcelona has activated the anti-suicide protocol with the ex-player to prevent him from cutting himself or trying to end his life.

He has been depressed for some time because he sees the end of a process that could result in a sentence of nearly 10 years in prison.

Due to the trial, he was in decline, as if in depression, he was oppressed. It looked as if the prison staff were supporting him. The protocol was applied the day after the trial, – said the former teammate of Dani.

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