Can You Play PUBG Mobile With A Controller

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is a popular battle royale video game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the game, which was developed specifically for mobile devices. It offers a similar gameplay experience to the PC and console versions of the game, with up to 100 players fighting to be the last person or team standing on a shrinking battlefield.

The game features a wide range of weapons, vehicles, and equipment that players can use to survive and eliminate their opponents. It also has a variety of maps and game modes to keep players engaged and challenged.

PUBG Mobile has a large and active player base and has become a popular eSport, with tournaments and competitions held around the world.

Can You Play PUBG Mobile With A Controller

A development has been made in mobile gaming. Previously exclusive to computers, blockbuster games are now accessible on mobile devices, and PUBG is one of the best of these games.

You’re definitely eager to play this battle royale craze that has swept the gaming industry by storm on your phone if you’re a fan. However, switching to touchscreen controls might be difficult.

To combine the greatest features of both worlds, the optimum approach would be to connect a controller to your phone. We’ll go over how to do that in this article.

Can You use A Controller On PUBG Mobile

Although the aforementioned clips are quick and simple to install, you still need to complete one more step before you can drop into Erangel or Vikendi. To make the fire buttons appear below the trigger places, go to settings and modify your control scheme.

To do this, open the Settings in-game, then tap Customize Buttons. Select one of the layouts and hit Customize. You can move whatever buttons you want to the top of the screen where the triggers hit. You may also want to create and save a new layout. This way, you can switch layouts when not playing with PUBG Mobile triggers. Once finished, tap Save and Exit.

How to customize buttons in PUBG:

  1. During a match, hit the Settings gear.
  2. Go into the Customize Buttons tab.
  3. Select one of the layouts and select Customize.
  4. Move the buttons as you please.
  5. Hit Save.
  6. Tap on the Exit button.

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