Cheapest Car In My Garage Is $450K – Early Christmas For Ibrah One As He Buys 3 Luxury Cars

Ibrah One has started the December season with so much rizz like an OG baller.

Ghanaian business tycoon, Ibrah One has launched three cars just for the December enjoyment season.

Having stayed low key except for bashing the government over hardship, Ibrah One was still grinding..

The millionaire has purchased not one, not two, but three cars just to cap off a successful business year.

The latest amongst the three cars is 2023 M850i with 32 Valves Cam type Double overhead (DOHC).

Luxury cars aren’t something new to Ibrah One who used to give out his cars to musicians for their video clips.

According to him, the cheapest car in his garage is $450,000.

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