Christiana Awuni Biography and net worth

Christiana Awuni is a Ghanaian actress known for her roles in Ghanaian movies, particularly in the Twi-language film industry, commonly referred to as Kumawood. She was born on April 25, 1967, in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Christiana Awuni began her acting career in the late 1990s and has since become one of the popular faces in Ghanaian movies. She has appeared in numerous films, often portraying villainous and witchcraft-related characters due to her distinctive features and ability to play such roles effectively. Her portrayal of these characters has earned her the nickname “Kumawood’s Queen of Witches.”

Some of the notable movies Christiana Awuni has appeared in include “Obi nnim awie ye,” “Agya Koo Azonto,” “Sika Nti,” “Sumsum Kronkron,” and “Madam Mock.” She has also acted in a few English-language Ghanaian movies and television series.

Christiana Awuni’s talent and contribution to the Ghanaian movie industry have been recognized with several awards and nominations. She has won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Kumawood Movie Awards and has also been nominated for other accolades.

Outside of her acting career, Christiana Awuni is known for her philanthropic work. She has been involved in various charitable activities and initiatives, particularly in her home region of Brong-Ahafo.

Please note that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, so there might be more recent developments or projects involving Christiana Awuni that I’m not aware of.

Christiana Awuni Biography

Christiana Awuni is a Ghanaian actress, film producer, and philanthropist. She is the CEO of CA Production and the Founder of the Christiana Awuni Foundation. She has been featured in movies like Metim Nea Metim, Adriverfo Aware3, and Ghetto Hero. She has produced films like Rockstar Hospital.

Profile Summary of Christiana Awuni

Real name: Christiana Awuni
Age: 50 years old
Date of Birth: July 22, 1972
Nationality: Ghanaian
Hometown: Kologo, Navrongo, Upper East Region
Tribe: Frafra
Instagram: christiana_awuni
Facebook: Christiana Awuni
TikTok: christianaawuni

Christiana Awuni Early life

Christiana Awuni was born on July 22, 1972, in Bantama, Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She is a Frafra from Kologo in Navrongo in the Upper East Region. She spent a part of her childhood in Kumasi and relocated to Kologo at age 10. After a few years, Awuni returned to Kumasi and later came to live in Accra. She is the second child of her parents, and She is 50 years old.

Christiana Awuni Parents

Christiana’s father is a retired soldier, and her mother is a trader. Her dad has three wives and fifteen (15) children. Awuni’s mum gave birth to eight children.

Christiana Awuni Siblings

She has seven (7) biological siblings and seven (7) stepsiblings. In all, she has fourteen (14) siblings.

Christiana Awuni Educational Background

She started her education at the Barracks in Kumasi and furthered at a School in Kologo, her hometown. She dropped out of school in middle school (Form 2).

Christiana Awuni Husband

Christiana Awuni first married after giving birth to her first child at age 17. Years later, she gave birth to her second child with the same man and divorced. She married for the second time, but after some time, she divorced, and currently, she is without a Husband.

Christiana Awuni Children

She has two children, two daughters.

Christiana Awuni Career

Christiana Awuni wanted to become a singer, but that couldn’t happen because she had no one to support her music career. She was introduced to concert parties by one Mr. SY, who was already doing concert parties. She did concert parties for some time and moved on to feature in Cantata.

From Cantata, Awuni started rehearsing as an actress with Socrate Sarfo’s Movie Africa Productions. At the time, Socrate was working with Kwaku Boakye, the CEO of Danfo BA Films, so he introduced Christiana to him.

Mr. Kwaku Boakye featured Awuni in her first movie titled “Metim Nea Metim.” She did well with her first role, and he continued to feature her in about three more films. Awuni continued to work with producers like Jackson K. Bentum, Kofi Asamoah, and Samuel Kwesi Nyamekye.

Aside from acting, Christiana is a film producer. She has produced some movies under her production CA Productions Ghana.

Christiana Awuni Movies

• Ungoldly
• Instagram Police
• Reflecting Shadows
• Baby Mama
• Mad
• Ghetto Hero
• Back to School
• Tomorrow
• Metim Nea Metim
• Ghetto Hero
• Crazy Love
• Who Kill Maame Serwaa
• Adriverfo Aware3
• Police and Thieves

Christiana Awuni Production

• Rockstar Hospital
• Palace Wahala

Christiana Awuni Awards

• Honorary Award – Global Movies and Influential Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award –  Hall of Eminence Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award – Ghana Style Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award – Ghana Ingenious Arts Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award – Fashion and Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award – Face of Ghana Youth Awards 2022.
• Honorary Award – Amaba 2021.
• Honorary Award – Outstanding Woman of the Year Award 2021.
• Honorary Award – Global Movies and Influential Awards 2021.
• Honorary Award – Ghana Film Summit 2019.

Christiana Awuni Nominations

• Best Actress of the Year – Ghana Entertainers Awards 2022.
• Most Promising Actress of the Year – Ashanti Entertainment Choice Awards and Summit 2021.
• Best Supporting Actress (Akan language) – Arts and Entertainers Awards 2021.

Christiana Awuni Businesses

She is the CEO of CA Production Ghana.

Christiana Awuni Cars

She drives a 4×4 car.

Christiana Awuni Net worth

Awuni has an estimated net worth of $180,000.

FAQs about Christiana Awuni

• How old is Christiana Awuni?
She is 50 years old as of 2023.

• Is Christiana Awuni married?
No, she is currently divorced.

• Who is Christiana Awuni husband? 
She is currently not married.

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