Dr Osei Kwame Despite Exposed For Jailing IT Personnel For 20-years Amidst Hypocrite Abeiku Santana Attack On Pizzaman CEO

A pizzzaman staff has taken on Despite Media employee Abeiku Santana for his hypocrisy.

A staff of pizzaman has taken on Despite Media radio journalist Abeiku Santana for his hypocrisy.

This follows Abeiku Santana’s attack on CEO of Pizzaman for the arrest and 5 years prison sentence of two workers for stealing five 25 cartons of chicken and vegetable oil.

Abeiku Santana sat on Okay Fm and called out the CEO of Pizzaman saying he is not ‘guy’ and that he should have deducted what the workers stole from their salaries instead of making it a criminal case.

A staff of Pizzaman has reacted to Abeiku Santana rants with explanation of what actually happened.

The staff says when the CEO realized there is theft at the said Kumasi branch, he gathered all the workers and pleaded with them to stop stealing from a young company like his.

He then set up cameras which caught the two unrepentant workers.

The staff says upon his research Pizzaman isn’t the only company who has workers in prison for theft and that Despite Group of Companies also have some staff in prison

He says some IT personnel of Best Point Savings and loans owned by Abeiku Santana’s boss Dr Osei Kwame Despite are currently serving 20 years prison sentences for stealing from the company.

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