Eddie Nartey’s new wife was his side chic when his wife was alive

Actor Eddie Nartey has been trending after getting married over the weekend to his new wife, Catherine.

The event which came off in the capital was small but lavish with the celebrity friends of Eddie Nartey playing the role of his groomsmen.

After videos and photos of the event surfaced on social media, a lot of netizens have spoken about the newly-wed couple with the majority questioning why Eddie would just jump into another marriage a little over two(2) years after the death of his wife.

While some fans congratulate him for taking the bold step of getting another woman, others are also of the view that he could have at least relaxed a bit before jumping into another marriage.

Well, trust the CIA and FBI netizens on social media as it has emerged that the new wife used to be the side chic of the actor even at the point when his late wife was alive.

According to one such person, Eddie Nartey just elevated her from the status of a side chic to a wife because she gave birth to their baby somewhere last year and their baby would be a year old soon.

It continued that she was in the picture when Eddie was married to his first wife up until the time she kicked the bucket in January 2021.

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