Emelia Brobbey Wedding With Pictures

A wedding is a happy union that most African women, including celebrities, desire. Family members, friends, and fans frequently wish female celebrities who are married a long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, celebrity divorces after a few years of marriage have become common, and Emelia Brobbey’s wedding was no exception. Emelia Brobbey’s divorce was surrounded by rumors, including a cheating scandal and accusations of husband snatching. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Emelia quickly put the marriage and divorce rumors to rest by stating that her marriage failed due to her former husband disliking her acting career, not cheating. Emelia Brobbey’s marriage to her former husband, on the other hand, was not always scandalous.

Emelia Brobbey Wedding

Emilia Brobbey married Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng in a spectacular romantic wedding that showed the love between the couples. The Emelia Brobbey wedding pictures and videos showing the colorful wedding are all over the internet for fans to enjoy and for haters to know that finally, Emelia has gotten married. Because of how happy the couple looked, their wedding instantly became the talk of the town.

Emelia Brobbey and husband got married in 2010, and after two years together they divorced. She went on to elaborate further that both parties signed the divorce documents and had since moved on. Emilia and Dr Kofi Adu Boateng have one child together.

Emilia Brobbey marriage to Dr. Boateng

Before marrying Emelia, Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng was living a low key life and was not a popular person. He is the founder of End Point Homeopathic clinic, a health center which is believed to have been financed by his first wife, Maame Aba. It wasn’t until Emelia Brobbey married Dr. Boateng that his early life was exposed.

According to Ghana entertainment news, DR. Boateng married Maame Aba inherited a huge chunk of wealth from her parents who owned a clinic at Kasoa called Last Hope Clinic. Allegedly, it was the money that Mamme Aba inherited from his late father that she used to finance the new clinic of Dr Boateng and the couple was married for almost seven years.

However, in an interview he did, Emelia Brobbey husband shed some light on his past relationships by refuting the claims that he built his clinic using his first wife inheritance. Dr. Boateng was quoted saying:

All those reports are false there is no truth whatsoever in those unfounded rumors. I started on my own from a humble beginning, and I have gotten where I am through my own hard work, support from the media and by the grace of God. I want to state on record that I didn’t build any clinic with any woman’s inheritance

It was at Dr Boateng clinic that Emilia brought her sick mother to get treatment. The two lovebirds got to know each other and eventually married and had a son. As a result, Dr. Boateng became famous because of his marriage to Emelia Brobbey. Additionally, because of the success of his business, Dr. Adu Boateng was nominated to receive the noble award for his leading homoeopathic healthcare services. The End Point homoeopathic clinic has branches in several parts of Ghana including Accra, Kumasi, Tema and Takoradi.

Emelia Brobbey divorce

Divorce particular for celebrities is often an ugly scenario, and Emilia Brobbey has firsthand experience on that. After marrying Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng, the successful Kumawood actress marriage ended in divorce. While speaking with Ghpage.Com, Emelia explained that she parted with her husband because of two reasons: he didn’t like her acting career and often believed the fake stories told by her friends.

Emelia went on to reveal that her husband had the habit of listening and believing everything her friends told him. And Emelia even insisted that the information wasn’t true and that never had she thought of cheating on her husband. In the interview with UTV, Emelia said:

My Ex-husband during the divorce papers signing mentioned part of the reason he is seeking for divorce is that some of my friends had told him stuff I am doing which were all untrue

In the end the cheating accusations caused a rift in their marriage and eventually the couple parted ways.

Emelia Brobbey relationships

Emelia Brobbey has been romantically linked with several actors in Kumawood and the Nollywood entertainment industry. Bill Asamoah is one of the men she was rumored to have had a romantic relationship. As a result, fans have often asked is Emelia Brobbey married to Bill Asamoah. To put the question to rest, Asamoah denied the claim and stated that it was only a false rumor. He further elaborated that he considers the actress as his sister and will continue to have friendly relations with her whenever they are required to be in the same movie.

Asamoah who is also an accomplished actor and producer warned fans from using the way he conducts himself in public as an excuse to romantically link him with any lady. Bill Asamoah further went on to say:

We work for the masses; you cannot say people will not say things about you. I have not had any sexual amorous sexual relationship with any actress. I have even been accused of sleeping with almost all the actresses I have been on set with

Emelia Brobbey children

To most parents, children are a gift from God, and Emelia Brobbey has witnessed the joys of being a mother. She has two sons all from different fathers. While talking with nkonkonsa.com, the famous Kumawood actress explained that she gave birth to her first son while in college and her second son was from the marriage with Dr Boateng. Emilia’s son with Dr Boateng is named Randy. Although she is divorced, Emelia Brobbey wedding pics and her son Randy will act as a reminder of the love and marriage she once had with her first husband.

While she keeps the life of her children private, once in a while Emilia gives the public a glimpse into her personal life by posting pictures of her sons. The photo of her elder son who is all grown up are adorable and show the loving relationship that mother and son have.

Apart from being a mother to her two adorable sons, she also runs the Emelia Brobbey Charity foundation. The foundation recently organized a program to raise funds to support the building of a children’s home in the suburbs of Obuasi. This event was attended by various celebrities, politicians and prominent business people such as Hon. John Alexander Ackon, Michael Afranie, Maame Serwaa, Brother Sammy and Kyeiwaa. Her philanthropic endeavors take the humanitarian work to a higher level as she makes donations to various needy homes and orphanages.

Emilia Brobbey Marriage

It’s no secret that before Emilia was linked to her former man Dr Boateng, she had a child from a previous union. The Ghanaian actress was under fire from fans who wanted to know if she was married before. Emilia explained that she got pregnant with her first so while she was in college pursuing a teaching course. Emelia Brobbey first husband is Dr Boateng who she married for less than two years.

Emilia was also accused of being a husband snatcher. The lady in question who lives in the UK accused her of taking her husband. The drama unfolded on Instagram where the username @thosecalledcelebs gave out all the juicy details that continue to taint Emelia’s image. However, Emelia responded to the post by reassuring her fans that she is not dating any married man from London. And with all the relationship scandals happening, it’s safe to say that if she does decide to date, then Emelia Brobbey and new boyfriend will keep their love private and away from public scrutiny.

Emelia Brobbey acting career

While Emelia Brobbey wedding, a previous marriage and the various men she has been linked with romantic have been fascinating for many people; it her success in Kumawood that makes her a star actress. Since her debut in the film industry in 2002, Emelia acting skills have captured the attention of various directors and producers enabling her to land various lucrative roles.

She auditioned at Kumasi cultural centre and landed her first role in the movie Tribal war. Actor Daiel Adeyele is the one who introduced Emelia to the movie industry. Following her exceptional performance in this film, she has starred in more than 150 movies and gained a massive fan base in the process. Her versatility in the acting industry has enabled Emelia to bring to life various roles. As a result, she has been able to act in one movie after another.

Some of the movies where you can see Emelia Brobbery in action include Ebe Sera, Anibre Nye, Boame, Awereho Nisuo and Adofoasa.

Apart from acting, Emilia Brobbey is also a musician who is taking the entertainment industry by storm. One of the songs that are currently hitting the airwaves and music concerts is called Kae Yen. Emelia Brobbey and Joseph Mensah have also collaborated on a twi song.

The video which was released in 2017 shows Mensah and Emelia singing the addictive tune. Apart from singing part of the song, Joseph Mensah is also the composer. On the video which shows the powerful vocals of Emelia, she can be seen dancing and singing along to the tune as well as enjoying herself. The song was received very positively by most listeners on YouTube who wrote comments such as it’s a powerful song, very romantic songs and lovely song.

Emelia Brobbey early life and achievements

Unlike most celebrities who grow up with a lavish lifestyle in the city, Emelia Brobbey was born on 6th January and spent most of her childhood in Akyem Swedru. After completing her high school education, she went to college where she graduated with a teaching certificate. Her passion for knowledge made it easier for her to pursue various education qualifications including a diploma in journalism, ICM certificate in broadcast journalism and a bachelor’s degree in human resource.

Emelia attributes her drive for success due to her early life where she was paid to recite poems at funerals. The process helped her to understand stage performance better, know how to work with different scripts as well as how to cope with a large audience. Additionally, she participated and won the Miss Akyem Bosome title held at the Odwira festival. Currently, Emelia is the CEO of End Times Films which focuses on producing a great movie that tells the African stories. She has also ventured into the business of sachet water production called Start Ice Water.

Due to her humanitarian projects, Emilia Brobbey received the honoree award and became the first actress to receive the Africa gold award. Her other awards include best actress in supporting role and best international act. Despite all the challenges in the entrainment industry, Emelia has cautioned upcoming actresses against using sex to get roles but instead they should use their acting talents.

While speaking at the A1 radio station, Emelia said “Even if you give the producer sex, he will sack you when the movie is going on, and you don’t have the talent. They look out for talent and not a sexual pleasure because sexual pleasure does not do the work”. She further showed her disproval for females that sleep around with producers and directors because the result is a ruined career and reputation.


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