Empress Lupita and Godfadda the Greatest remanded in police custody

Tiktok stars Empress Lupita and her husband Godfadda the Greatest have been remanded into police custody by the TDC court in Tema.

The two have been remanded into police custody by the Magistrate Court over the death of their two children.

Former Pastor Godfadda the Greatest and his wife have been accused of killing two of their three children.

They have been told to report back to the court on June 15 for a hearing.

Godafadda the Greatest and his wife Empress Lupita became a subject of discussion after their video went viral on social media.

After the video went viral, people who knew them shared their stories on social media prompting some media outlets to have an interview with them to hear their side of the story.

One thing that one can conclude from the interview was that they indirectly had a hand in the death of their kids because they were starving them all in the name of fasting.

Their only surviving son El Shaa also emerged on social media and spoke about how his parents were treating him prompting him to run away from the house to survive on his own.

The police upon calls and pressure from the public to arrest the two finally succumbed to the pressure and arrested the two at their residence in Tema.

They were arraigned before the court and they have been accused of killing their children.

We will be following the case and would update readers on the outcome of this court hearing.

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