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Let’s look into the full biography and net worth of Endurance Grand (Endurance Nkechi Dzigbordi Dedzo), including her real age and nationality. She was born in the year 1997 in southeastern part of Nigeria.

She is a tiktok dancer that astounds her followers on tiktok and instagram with high-energy dancing performances that include her dancing ensemble.

Endurance Grand is widely played throughout the continent of Africa, including in Nigeria and Ghana. She is a Nigerian-Ghanaian Dancer in every sense of the word.

The tiktok dancer is one of the most well-known dancers at Dwp Academy Accra, which is located in Ghana. She is a tiktok dancer “Tiktoker.

Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography

Endurance Grand Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Endurance Nkechi Dzigbordi Dedzo
Date Of Birth: December 20, 1997
Age: 25 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Southeastern Part of Nigeria | Volta Region, Ghana
Nationality: Nigerian-Ghanaian
Boyfriend: Demzy Baye
Occupation: Dancer
Net Worth: Under Est.
Parents: Nigerian Mother | Ghanaian Father
Tribe: Igbo | Ewe
Dance Group:  @dwpacademyworld
Education: Sonrise High School

Endurance Grand Biography

Her real name is, Endurance Nkechi Dzigbordi Dedzo. She was born in Nigeria, but she is presently living in Ghana, the tiktok dancer is currently at the age of 25 years old. She rose to fame by posting dance freestyle videos to social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.

She became a well-known figure as a result of her participation in these online dance competitions, and also as a member of DWP Academy. She could dance nonstop throughout the whole continent of Africa without getting tired.

Her Enrollment to DWP Academy

The Nigerian-born Ghanaian dancer is a member of Dwp academy, a dance school that caters to pupils who have a strong interest in dance and provides them with exceptional teachings. They want to make the world a better place overall as their mission.

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What Is Endurance Grand Age

How Old Is Endurance Grand? She is currently at the age of 25 years old at the year of publishing this article. She was born on 23 December 1997, in the Southeast part of Nigeria. She will turn 26 years old this year, 23 December 2023.

Family | Parents

The only information we have about her parents is that her mother is from Nigeria while her father is from Ghana. The details surrounding her ancestry are still hazy but be assured that we will keep you up to speed as soon as her complete biographical information becomes available.

The dancer has not provided any information to the public about her father, siblings, or her mother, but we assure you that as time goes on, we will provide you with complete facts and data regarding her family, including her siblings, her parents, and a great deal more.

Dance Group

DWP ACADEMY is a dance group based in Accra, Ghana, and Endurance Grand is a member of the group. Endurance Grand maintains a very high level of discretion on their personal lives.

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Endurance Grand State of Origin | Place of Birth

She is originally from the Volta region of Ghana, born in the Eastern region of Nigeria, in the home state of her mother. Her father is from the Volta Region of Ghana, and she is presently residing in Accra, which is located in Ghana.

Nationality | Is Endurance Grand a Nigerian or Ghanaian

The dancer is a Nigerian-born Ghanaian, she was born in the Southeastern part of Nigeria, but had her whole career in Ghana. She is said to be an Igbo girl from Nigeria and Ewe from Ghana.

Endurance Grand Boyfriend

She is dating Demzy Baye, Demzy Baye is her boyfriend. It was once rumored that; the dancer is dating Dancegod Lloyd’ which happens to be unknown to the public. She keeps her private life in secret, she doesn’t fluent her personal life on social media.

Endurance Grand Net Worth

It is difficult to accurately gauge her net worth. Endurance signed up for Twitter in the year 2020, and as of the day that this post was written, she already had more than 2,846 followers on twitter. She has over 350k followers on Instagram as of 2023 and over 2million followers on Tiktok.

In Conclusion

Endurance Grand has a similar nature of dance and moves just like Afronitaaa, Afronitaaa liked to dance when she was 12 years old. Her real name is Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah.

Endurance Grand Photos

Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography
Endurance Grand Biography

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