Biography of Erkuah Official: Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Height, Siblings, Wiki

Erkuahofficial is a Ghanaian Tik Toker, social media influencer, actress, and content creator. She is currently the highest followed Tik Toker on Tik Tok with over 4 million followers.

Erkuahofficial rose to prominence when she started uploading funny videos on Tik Tok.

A lot of talent has been discovered on Tik Tok. The app gives its users to share creative videos of themselves.

Most users began using the app in 2019–2020. If you remember, this was also the time that a pandemic was affecting the entire planet. As Covid19 got worse, it began to spread to other nations.

Countries in Europe experienced severe hardship at this time. African nations were not excluded either. They had to keep their citizens under lockdown because they were also affected by the virus.

People started working from home and others needed a way to keep themselves busy and also connect with friends. During this time, people joined Tik Tok to create videos to entertain themselves and their viewers.

Ghanaians also join the trend also started creating videos on Tik Tok. Because of Tik Tok’s user-friendly algorithm, any video you upload on your page has a good chance of going viral, and when users appreciate your content, they’re more likely to follow you.

Erkuah Official
Erkuah Official

Some of the most prominent Tik Tokers we see and follow today recognized their niche, saw that they could become famous on Tik Tok, and developed their platform by being consistent with the content they publish.

Erkuahofficial is one of the popular Tik Tokers in Ghana. As is said before, she rose to prominence when she started uploading funny videos on Tik Tok.

On the internet, many people have asked questions about the Tik Tok star. Some of the answers will be served to you in this article.

We will take a look at Erkuahofficial bio, Real Name, Age, Parent, School, TikTok, and Net Worth.

Erkuahofficial Biography And Wiki

Who is Erkuah Official? Janet Offei Emmanuel popularly known as ErkuahOfficial is a Ghanaian award-winning tiktoker, social media influencer, actress, comedian and content creator, who rose to prominence for posting her comedy skits on her social media profiles.
The content creator is best known for her creativity and facial expressions in her videos. She has a verified tiktok account with over 1.3K followers.
Erkuah never lack content as she always trill her fans and friends with amazing contents on all her social media platforms.
Erkuahofficial Biography
Erkuahofficial Biography
Erkuahofficial also known as cruise minister is in deed a great actress, very skillful, gifted, creative and highly talented comedian and content creator.
Erkuah Bio, Wiki, Facts, Profile Summary
Full Name Janet Offei
Stage Name Erkuahofficial
Date of Birth December 22
Age 20 – 25 Years Old
Place of Birth Accra
Nationality Ghanaian
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christianity
Husband Not Married
Occupation Actress, Brand Influencer, Tiktoker, Content Creator
Net Worth $300,000

Erkuah Official Career

Erkuah official started her comedy career as a tik tok comedian some years back. She has been consistent with giving his ever increasing fans the best laughs. She is now popular on all social media platform.

Erkuahofficial is a Ghanaian actress, social media influencer, content creator and cruise minister who began her career some years back.
Erkuah began posting on the social video app tiktok in 2019 and have surpass more than one million followers in her verified tiktok account.
She is a brand influencer and currently an ambassador to many brand products.
Erkuahofficial also have a YouTube account where she shares some of her tiktok videos. She joined YouTube in August 16, 2021 and has over 1,995 thousand views, with 123 subscribers and three videos she have uploaded so far.
Janet Offei popular as Erkuahofficial is also very active on Instagram where she have more  than 200k followers. She also post some of her skits on her Instagram and she also uses her Instagram page to promote many brands.

Erkuahofficial Real Name

Erkuahofficial’s real name is Janet Offei. She’s a popular TikToker who rose to prominence by posting funny/comedy skits on TikTok

Erkuahofficial Age

About Erkuahofficial Date of Birth, not much is known. She was born on December 22, according to what we know. Although her exact age is unknown, we anticipate her to be in her early 20s.

However, Erkuahofficial was born in Accra and she is a Ghanaian.

We are still looking for Erkuahofficial’s actual birthdate and age. Once we discover it, we’ll keep you informed. Nevertheless,  if you have any information about her exact date of birth, please tip us.

Erkuahofficial Parent

About Erkuahofficial Parent, not much is known. Details about Erkuahofficial father and mother will be updated once it’s available.

Also, if you have any information about her parents, please tip us.

Erkuahofficial School

The is no available information about Erkuahofficial basic and secondary school. The information available to us is that, right after secondary school, she preceded to University.

She is currently at the University of Ghana reading Political Science.

Erkuah Education

Erkuah official is currently studying Political Science at the prestigious University of Ghana and is also an award-winning social media influencer and comedian has promised to always trill her fans and friends with amazing contents on all her social media platforms.

Erkuah Official Date Of Birth

Praize Victor was born on 1987 she is 35 years old at the time of writing this article on erkuah official biography and net worth.

Date of Birth and Age:

How old is Erkuah official? Erkuahofficial was born on December 22nd and details about her birth year as well as her real age is not known.

Place of Birth/Nationality:

Which place is Erkuahofficial born? Erkuahofficial was born in Accra and is a Ghanaian by Nationality.

Family, Parents and Siblings:

Erkuah was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Offei in Ghana. Information about her parents is not available. Details about her father and mother will be updated once is made available. Janet Offei has an older sibling.

Erkuahofficial Brother:

Who is Erkuahofficial brother, name and picture? Erkuah Official has an older brother named, Emmanuel Offei, who is a Logistics Manager at Bashbayo Technical Services. Her brother, Emma Offei is married and has a beautiful wife.
Erkuah Official Brother
Erkuah Official Brother

Educational Background (School):

Erkuah Officia is currently studying Political Science at the prestigious University of Ghana.

Height and Weight:

How tall is Erkuah Official? Erkuahofficial stands at the height of 4 feet 6 inches and weighs about 55kg.

Erkuah Official’s Boyfriend/Dating:

Who is Erkuah Official boyfriend/dating? This is another question ErkuahOfficial fans are asking if she has a boyfriend. As of the time of writing this, Erkuah Official is currently single not in any relationship as she does not have a boyfriend who she is dating at the moment.

Engaged, Married, Wedding, Husband:

Is Erkuah Official married? No, Erkuah Official is not married nor has a husband either at moment. You will be updated in this page once Erkuah Official got engaged and hopefully doing her wedding.

Erkuah Official House:

Erkuah Official is currently living in Accra, the capital of Ghana where she is studying.

Erkuahofficial Tik Tok

Like many popular Tik Tokers, Erkuahofficial started posting videos on Tik Tok in 2019.

In a recent video, Erkuahofficial said she started making more TikTok videos during the lockdown period as a result of COVID.

Erkuah’s account began to grow after one of her amusing skits went viral, and she began to gain recognition online.

When she achieved a million followers, her account was instantly validated because of how popular her videos were.

Erkuah stated that in order to grow a community, one must carve a niche for himself or herself, whether through comedy, cooking shows, or fashion.

“New users need to ask themselves what they want to do with the platform whether comedy, cooking show, fashion, or for motivational purposes because that can help you navigate the app well,”

“When I started TikTok I used to dance, but I realized it wasn’t for me, so I switched to facial expressions. I added that to my acting skills and later moved to lip-syncing  with Nigerian sounds like the Yoruba and Igbo language although I don’t speak or understand the language,” she said.

On getting your account popular on Tik Tok, the content creator advised that one needs to use trending songs, be unique and be consistent on the app.

“Use trending sounds to get popular. You can also use original sounds but with that, it’s difficult for you to get your videos popular. You need to be unique and do more videos and keep your account active.” she said

Talking about monetizing your Tik Tok account in her recent interview, Erkuah said she didn’t know Tik Tok was a money-making machine. But once she realized she could make a lot of money with the app, she became more serious about it.

Erkuahofficial Instagram Handle

You can follow Erkuah Official on Instagram by going to her official account @erkuahofficial. Follow her on TikToker as @erkuahofficia.

ErkuahOfficial Phone Number:

Erkuah Official WhatsApp phone number is currently not available for certain reasons, but you can contact her via her social media account below⬇⬇

Social Media Profile:

Erkuah Official is very active in all the social media platforms where she post her skits videos. Janet Offei also known as Erkuahofficial never left her followers un entertained she always have something to make her followers feel happy. You can follow her below:

Social Media Handles:

Instagram Erkuahofficial
Twitter Erkuahofficial
YouTube Erkuahofficial
Tiktok Erkuahofficial

Erkuahofficial Boyfriend

Erkuahofficial is currently single and has no boyfriend. The content creator is currently focused on her education and making money on social media.

ErkuahOfficial Net Worth

At the time of writing, Erkuah’s official net worth was estimated to be $200K.

She makes a lot of money by posting videos on Tik Tok and advertising people’s businesses on social media.

Source: Zea.NG | Ghana | Biography

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