FBI Allegedly Storms Ghana for Shatta Wale And Salma Mumin

Kennedy Agyapong’s famed and controversial baby, Mama Moira Dawson-Williams, has wildly alleged that FBI operatives are currently in Ghana and keenly monitoring the moves of Shatta Wale, Salma Mumin and many known big men who have business dealings with the Hajia4Real.

In a now-viral video, Madam Moira stated that all the celebrities and public figures who have done business transactions with Hajia4Real before should be expecting the FBI in their homes very soon.

Most especially Shatta Wale and Salma Mumin who are publicly known to share personal relationships with the extradited socialite.

She used her own experience as an example of how her husband nearly made her serve a 33-year jail sentence after she was nabbed with heroin in the US.

In the video, she expressed her satisfaction over Hajia4Real’s extradition from the UK to the US.

According to Madam Moira, Hajia4Real’s predicament should serve as a lesson to all the young girls who want quick money at the expense of the sweat of others.

Watch the video below to know more…

Luxurious Cars And Mansion Owned By Hajia4real

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