10 Fun Facts About Freezy MacBones: Age, Nationality, Boxing Record, Wife, Kids, Height, Fights, Wiki, Bio

Freezy MacBones is a Ghanaian-Britain professional boxer mostly likened to Legend Mike Tyson once impressed rapper 50 Cent.

A new boxing sensation has gained traction in the world of boxing. Preferring to go by his ring persona Freezy MacBones, he has already enjoyed a stunning audition.

The new icon is poised to turn pro and join the likes of Mike Tyson, Mayweather, and other legends.

According to MacBones, traveling outside or changing your immediate environment could be all you need to unlock your destiny.

There’s an interesting background story to his name. From working in menial jobs in Ghana to becoming United Kingdom’s boxing pro, TheDistin has gathered 10 uplifting facts about the boxer.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name: Freezy MacBones
Net Worth: $100,000 to $500,000
Profession: Chef, Boxer, MMA fighter
Full Real Name: Gyimah Seth
Age: 33 years old (as of 2023)
Nationality: Ghanaian-British
Ethnicity: African
Religion: Christian
Height: 5 feet 8 Inches (est.)
Instagram: @freezy_macbones_official_
Twitter: @freezy_macbones
Freeze MacBones Biography
Freeze MacBones Biography

Who is Freezy MacBones?

Freezy MacBone whose real name is Gyimah Seth is a British-Ghanaian-born chef and a professional boxer who is best known for his aggressiveness when in the ring during his fights.

MacBones moved to London from Ghana in 2012 and has only been boxing for around six years – but has already created a menacing aura about him.

His technical knockout ability and his mastery in the ring have earned him the enviable tag of the “next Mike Tyson.”

To help the local community, Freezy runs a free daily fitness workshop to which everyone is invited.

Macbones had his pro debut boxing bout taking place at east London’s York Hall on February 24, 2023, and his second which took place on April 2023. Freezy made his first appearance on a Queensberry show and put on an impressive performance emerging a winner in his second pro fight.

He has shared clips of him in the gym with former WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

Freeze MacBones Biography
Freeze MacBones Biography

How old is Freezy MacBones?

Gyimah Seth known by his moniker Freezy MacBones is currently 33 years old, however, his date of birth is not known to the public yet. The Londoner who is based in Brixton, UK, comes from a family of 13 and among the 11 siblings, he is the only son and has 10 sisters.

He is originally from Ghana but moved to the UK to seek greener paster and during his stay, he developed a love for boxing after watching fights of some of the legends in the game.

He reveals how a lack of electricity forced boxing fans to travel for an hour to the next village to gain a glimpse of their heroes. They often arrived too late, particularly if Tyson had taken care of his brutal business.

According to him, when he was in Ghana, he lived in abject poverty, struggling daily to make ends meet. He was doing unskilled labour to survive.

Sharing his throwback picture, Freezy Macbones wrote: Life is so funny I still remember when I came to London for the first time .. I was stranded, couldn’t speak good English. A whole lot happened and I ended up sleeping outside. Now am on live

Freeze MacBone and Anthony Joshua
Freeze MacBone and Anthony Joshua

How did Freeze MacBones become famous?

Preferring to go by his ring persona Freezy MacBones, the 33-year-old is poised to turn pro – and he has already enjoyed a stunning audition.

A trial fight was arranged by a promotional company, wanting to see what the Brixton-based slugger was all about.

He went in the ring against a man significantly bigger, but soon had him knocked spark out with his head resting on the bottom rope.

Reflecting on the fight, the light-heavyweight told Sky Sports: “Everything was cool until he hit me hard. A week later I’ve seen the video, 50 Cent, [Floyd] Mayweather, everyone was posting it. It was crazy. Everyone was asking, who is this guy? That’s how it happened.”

He has lofty ambitions

MacBones has come to the sport very late, but he still has soaring ambitions.

“One thing about Freezy is I don’t look at what others are doing, I only look at what I am doing and where I am going and I want the best for myself, so I always keep working,” MacBones explained.

“I know I started late, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it or it’s not possible and I’m going to make it possible. It’s late but it’s how you end up and I want to be a world champion one day.”

Freeze MacBones
Freeze MacBones

How tall is Freeze MacBones?

MacBones is a healthy boxer with a well-built physique. There is not enough information about his body measurements, however, Vidmid estimates he stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall. This assumption was made by visualizing his photographs.

Rapper 50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent

MacBone has been endorsed by rapper 50 Cent and retired boxer Mayweather.

The sparring clip from one of his fights where he knocked down a man 30kg heavier than him went viral and it was even re-posted by rapper 50 Cent and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, which led to MacBones gaining a huge social media following.

“I was shocked because it happened a lot in my gym where I put people to sleep, so it was nothing new, but when this happens in the gym we don’t bring it out so no one knows what happens.

“But, for this one, people were there and they pulled their phones out and all of sudden a week later 50 Cent posted the video and he asked ‘who is this guy?’ and everyone was tagging me.

“At this time my social media had 7k and boom it went up to 25k and now I have over 100k followers.”

MacBones was inspired by Mike Tyson. People call him the Britain Mike Tyson.

Off the back of this video, MacBones also began being labeled as the ‘British Mike Tyson’, which he takes as a huge compliment.

“It’s huge,” MacBones said. “It’s like someone comparing a Christian to Jesus, it’s a big thing because Mike is the GOAT in the game.

“His skills and style were different and up to today we haven’t seen anything like that, so for people to say I fight like Tyson, it means a lot because he is a guy I look up to.

Freeze MacBone and Mike Tyson
Freeze MacBone and Mike Tyson

“People say I’m the British Mike Tyson and it makes me work harder. Obviously, I’m not Mike and I can’t be like him, he’s the only one, nobody can be like him, but we always learn from each other.”

Tyson was not the only fighter who lured MacBones to start boxing, he was also inspired after watching the Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.

“That was the first time I paid more attention to boxing. I was a big fan of Mike Tyson back home and he was the only boxer I knew, so when I saw Mayweather and Pacquiao and the way Mayweather was running around the ring, I thought ‘I can do this job’ I used to call him chicken and laugh,” MacBones revealed.

What is Freezy MacBones’ boxing records like?

At 33 years old, and with only 18 amateur fights and two professional bouts to his name, MacBones has six amateur losses – but does not believe these will define how far he can go in the pro game.

MacBones added: “A lot of criticism comes to you. How did this guy lose six? He’s not Mike Tyson, he’s not that.

“Amateur is a foundation. It’s the foundation of boxing before you turn pro. If you don’t have any amateur record or history, how can you become a good boxer?

Freeze MacBones Biography
Freeze MacBones Biography

“I use my losses to motivate me to become who I am. It makes me savage, an animal.”

In an interview with First Round Media, he said: “I don’t want to be like other boxers who turn pro, they go inside there, and they keep lost and lost.

“Obviously, I lost six fights in amateur, and I don’t want to be like that in my professional profile. I would say next year Freezy will come out, but I can’t give you [specific] time. December, October, or November next year or something, but Freezy will come out no matter what. It’s about time, baby!”

Who is Freeze MacBones married to?

UK-based Ghanaian boxer MacBones’ love life is unknown at the moment. He has stayed tight-lipped about his family and personal life. Currently, there are no claims about whether is married or has a girlfriend. Also, there is nothing to prove he is a father and has children of his own.

Freeze MacBones Biography
Freeze MacBones Biography

How much is Freeze MacBones’ Net worth?

The net worth of Freezy MacBones is not revealed yet. We guess he is earning a sustainable income for himself and we can estimate he is worth around $100,000 to $500,000.

Athletes are known to be having sponsorships and partnerships with brands and companies but it seems MacBones has not yet been graced with such.

Source: Zea.NG | Ghana | Biography

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