Is Hajia4Real A Millionaire? Hajia4Real Net Worth

Ghanaian socialite Hajia 4Real is known for her lavish lifestyle on social media. But, is she rich, and how much is she worth?

Mona Faiz Montrage better known by her stage name as Mona 4Reall or Hajia4Reall is a Ghanaian socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman.

Hajia4Real gained popularity years back when it was reported that she was dating Ghanaian business mogul Mr. Kennedy Agyapong known for his monikers Kenpong or Capo Chino (the owner of Kenpong Groups of Companies). In fact, some of us heard her name when growing up because of her extravagant lifestyle.

Mona 4Reall rose to fame as an influencer through her Instagram profile, under the username “Hajia4Reall,” which now has over 4 million followers.

Then in 2020, during the COVID-19 time, she unearthed her musical talent which according to one of her old interviews, was inspired by her father.

She had several gigs in and out of Ghana and even performed at some of the most prestigious gatherings in the country. However, she faced her worst days when she was booked to perform at the Ghana Music Awards, UK in 2022 when she wasn’t allowed to return back to Ghana as it was then that she got arrested.

In May 2023, her legal issue reignited in the Ghanaian media space after news broke that she had been transferred to the US where further legal proceedings will take place. In the wake of the ongoing trial, a lot of Ghanaians are in an inquisition about her fortune. So, how rich is Hajia4Real? Read on as TheDistin gives you all the juice about her finances and how she makes her money.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name: Hajia 4Real or Mona 4Real
Net Worth: $1.2 million (estimated)
Profession: Socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman
Companies: 4Real Entertainment; 4Reall Beauty Cosmetics line; 4Reall Kids fashion & care products
Full Real Name: Mona Faiz Montrage
Date of Birth: June 26, 1992
Age: 30 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace: Tamale, Ghana
Educational Background: Elementary Schoo in Tamale
Labone Senior High School
Art Institute of New York
Instagram: @hajia4reall

Hajia4Real Net Worth
Hajia4Real Net Worth

What is Hajia 4Reall’s net worth?

Hajia4Reall was born and raised in Tamale, the northern part of Ghana alongside her siblings to a Ghanaian mother and a Lebanese father.

She had her elementary education in Tamale before proceeding to Labone Senior High School for her secondary school education. She moved to the US where she studied at the Art Institute of New York City, US majoring in Fashion and design.

Her celebrity lifestyle, her swag, and her unique fashion sense have made her a well-known name in Ghana – wait, and also it made her wealthy as well.

So, how rich is Hajia4Real? Born Mona Faiz Montrage but best known by her monikers Mona 4Reall or Hajia4Reall has an estimated current net worth of $1.2 million. She makes her money from various avenues but publicly by being a socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman.

For being a businesswoman, she has parlayed her influence and love for looking good into a hot and thriving cosmetics brand called 4Reall Beauty Cosmetics line, and in 2019, she opened a fashion shop located in East Legon called 4Reall Kids where she sells children’s clothes and care products. She is the owner of her own music record label, 4Reall Entertainment.

She is also the CEO of a thriving entertainment company that successfully organizes Accra’s biggest End-of-Year-Party – the Global Wave party in 2016 (at the Soho Bar, Marina Mall) and at the upscale Club Onyx in 2017.

She is also an ambassador and had brands like Bella Beverages, and Susan Cosmetics, just to mention a few under her belt.

For being a socialite, she is well-known online, especially on Instagram with over 4 million followers. She is also a model with an enviable physique whose IG pictures garnered a lot of attention.

Through her father pushing her to start music, a talent he knew she was good at, and with the help of Richie Mensah of Lynx Entertainment and Shatta Wale, Mona 4Reall ventured into music in 2020 and released her first single in November 2020 titled “Badder Than“. She went on to release other songs like;

Hajia4Real Networth
Hajia4Real Networth
  • Hit
  • Baby
  • Here To Stay
  • Zaddy’s Girl
  • Appreciate
  • Fine Girl
  • God’s Child
  • Gimme Dat

In September 2021, Mona donated school supplies to students in the Bentum community after the Bentum D.A. Basic School asked for support in a viral video.

Source: Zea.NG | Ghana | Net Worth

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