How Kantanka could have made history but ignored the 13 Ghanaians who travelled from Accra to London

The news of the arrival of the Wanderlust team’s ambitious road trip from Accra, Ghana to London, UK, has garnered widespread attention and reactions.

The journey, featuring different several countries and two continents and covering a distance of approximately 10,000 kilometres is an impressive feat that highlights the spirit of adventure and exploration.

The team’s determination and perseverance in completing such a challenging journey have been commended by many.

Crossing multiple countries and terrains, including the diverse landscapes of West Africa and parts of Europe, is no small achievement.Before the trip, it was the team’s dream to showcase a Ghanaian product, possibly a vehicle manufactured by Kantanka Automobiles just to add an interesting dimension to the story.

The reported attempt to secure sponsorship from Kantanka Automobiles didn’t go as planned as they were totally ignored.

Sadly the team’s efforts to put a Ghanaian product in the international spotlight didn’t see light.

The story highlights the complexities and hurdles that can arise when trying to gain support for projects, even those with noble intentions.

Overall, the reactions to the Wanderlust team’s journey are full of admiration and praise.

Watch the video below to know more…

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