How Rich Is Auntie Naa and How Much Does The Host Of Oyerepa Afutuo Make? Details On Her Net Worth

Auntie Naa is one of the most respected, famous, and highest-paid radio and Tv personalities in Ghana. But how much does she make?

Marital disputes have become an unpleasant experience and a societal canker, generating instability among couples within their marriage life, which usually ends with marriage partners petitioning the court, the chief palace, and the media houses for the correct resolution of such difficulties.

Oyerepa Afutuo, which is anchored by prominent presenter Auntie Naa on Oyerepa TV and Oyerepa FM 100.7, is one of the shows that assist individuals in resolving social problems.

Since Auntie Naa is a household name at the moment, many Ghanaians are curious about the host’s salary and fortune. For example, most people have used Google to look up the host’s salary per month and year with some asking where she lives and her house. Well, has gathered everything you need to know about her financial status.

Auntie Naa is one of the most respected and highly-paid radio and Tv personalities in Ghana.
Auntie Naa is one of the most respected and highly-paid radio and Tv personalities in Ghana.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official

Oyerepa 100.7 FM is a commercial radio broadcasting station that serves the Ashanti region and beyond with religious, social, business, health, politics, entertainment, music, and other quality content that is helpful to the people.

Among all the programs on the television and radio network, Oyerepa Afutuo is the most listened to and the most watched show.

Oyerepa Afutuo is a program that helps people (the voiceless) to solve their social problems. The show is hosted by a gorgeous woman named Auntie Naa but best known by her monikers “Maame Container“, “Maame Gudeeme”, “Papa Kwadaamusa“, or “Judge Kumpala“.

As it stands now, the show’s host, Auntie Naa whose real name is revealed as Eunice Naa Amerley Nortey, is not only one of the most awarded Ghanaian presenters but also, one of the highest-paid.

Although she has not disclosed any information regarding her salary, she is the only name that comes to mind whenever we hear the company’s name. So, a person like her is going to be treated well if she stays and works for the company because if they don’t, another station will come for her and pay her a good wage.

The salary range for the majority of workers in the radio, television, and other media is from GH₵936 to GH₵6,663 per month, per MyWage. Auntie Naa is likely to earn more or a little less than GH₵6,663 per month.

Auntie Naa is not the type to flaunt her house and cars to the public but all we can say is, she is one of the top salary earners for the entire Oyerepa Fm and Tv workers and lives a comfortable life.

Thedistin would estimate Auntie Naa’s current net worth between $50,000 to $300,000.

What is Auntie Naa’s net worth?

Auntie Naa is an award-winning Ghanaian radio and television host.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official
Auntie Naa is an award-winning Ghanaian radio and television host.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official

How old is Auntie Naa?

The famous radio and Tv personality whose real name is Eunice Naa Amerley Nortey was born on October 19th. Her exact age is not known however, she is believed to be between 40 and 50 years.

Now that we know she is called Naa in real life, you might want to know where she got her moniker “Auntie Naa” from. In an interview with GCTV, the radio host revealed that she got her nickname Auntie Naa from her mother-in-law. Explaining further, she disclosed that her in-law who lived in Cape Coast was called Auntie Naa, who had a son (her husband) also marrying her (Naa), and since there were “Naas” in the family, she was called Auntie Naa by her in-law which later ended up being her nickname, which she loves it.

Is Auntie Naa a real judge? No, the Oyerepa Afuto host is not a judge in real life but rather a well-educated journalist who has read about the laws of Ghana. She mostly attends court proceedings and witnesses legal trials.

Auntie Naa is managed by Trips Asu, an ambassador for Violent Crime Prevention Board UK.

Her popularity has grown outside of her regular job as she currently has nearly 90K followers on her Instagram account @auntienaa_official.

Eunice is also a Canadian native who often travels there for her sabbatical holidays. When she recently left the baton in the hands of MFK, a fellow Oyerepa host and anchor who also did an excellent job, Oyerepa Fm Online confirmed she was in Canada and it happens that if she is absent from her show it could be due to health issue or she is enjoying her vacation in Canada or sometimes in the United States.

Auntie Naa has numerous accolades to her name. Some of her awards include;

  • TV and Radio Personality at Oyerepa FM
  • Host of Oyerepa Afutuo
  • Philanthropist
  • Best Female Personality in 2019
  • Best Female Host in 2021
  • Women in entrepreneurship award 2022

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