How To Earn Money Using Whats App; 7 Legit Ways

Is there a way to monetize and Earn money using WhatsApp? The short answer is – yes! The long answer to know how to earn money using WhatsApp read through this detailed blog and start earning through WhatsApp.

Being the most used messenger application with over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp has a huge potential to help you earn on the side if you know how to earn money through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used applications, over 53% of users check it at least once a day. Being able to monetize and earn money using WhatsApp is a bonus for almost anyone looking to generate passive income.

In this blog post, we will explore how to earn money from Whatsapp inmany different ways.

Wondering how to earn money on WhatsApp?

Now that we know that we can earn money using WhatsApp, we need to know exactly How to earn money using WhatsApp.

Although there is no official way to monetize WhatsApp as is the case with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, there are a lot of other ways to earn money on WhatsApp. Listed below are 10 legit ways  how to earn money using WhatsApp that are legal.

1. Short Links

One of the most commonly used and most easy to implement ways of earning money on WhatsApp is via short links.

Short links are shorter versions of a URL whereas a typical URL is very long with a lot of numbers and alphabets in it. Having a shorter link also increases the likelihood of people clicking on your links.

You can use online software to shorten the URL to a shareable short link as long as you use a paid link-shortening service such as,, or

Once you have a short link and you share it with your friends, family, and general WhatsApp contact list, and they click through on your link.

Whenever someone will click on the link shared by you, an advertisement will pop up before the target link. It is this advertisement embedded between your short link and target link which enables you to earn. As is the case with all advertisements, the more clicks on your link, the more the advertisement embedded in your short link will be viewed and the more commission you will generate.

How to create and share short links

Creating and sharing short links is pretty straightforward. You may have been sent a short link by your contacts at some point in time.

  • To create a short link, set up an account on a paid link-shortening service of your choice.
  • Once your account has been set up, select something your contact list may find interesting.
  • Copy the URL. It could be a story, a news article, a short video, or anything with an active URL.
  • Go to your link-shortening software and log in.
  • Paste your link in the box and shorten it.
  • Copy the shorter version of your link.
  • Open WhatsApp Messenger Application.
  • Paste the shorter link as a status, send it to different groups that may find it interesting and click on it, send it to individual contacts, or do all of the above.

Now you just sit back and relax as people click on that short URL and you start getting your commission. If they forward your link to their contacts, even then you will get a commission on every click-through.

2. Affiliate Links

When it comes to how to earn money on Whatsapp, Affiliate marketing is one way to go by it.

Affiliate marketing is all the rage on all social forums. From Instagram influencers to Facebook celebrities, everyone is using affiliate marketing to promote one thing or the other. With only 2% of affiliate marketers using WhatsApp as a means to earn, there is a huge market potential to penetrate and use this opportunity to your benefit.

How affiliate marketing works is that you are either approached by businesses if you are a public figure with a considerable following, or you can find the affiliate links to products on the website itself.

Once you have the affiliate link, you share it with your audience, and whenever someone clicks on the affiliate link provided by you and buys something from it, you get a commission.

The question then arises, how to earn money through WhatsApp using affiliate links? It is simple, just generate the link as for any other platform.

Copy the link and share it as a WhatsApp status, in WhatsApp groups, or even in private chats. Whenever a contact of your purchases through your link, you make an affiliate commission.

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Similarly, if they share your link with their contacts and they purchase through it, even then you get the commission on those sales as it is your affiliate link being shared.

3. Marketing your business or expertise

Another way how to earn money on WhatsApp is by marketing your business or expertise.

We all have our forte. Something we are great at doing. Nothing is stopping us from turning that into a skill set and starting a business if we know how to use WhatsApp for business marketing.And if you have already done that and turned your expertise into a stream of revenue, all you need is to learn how to earn money through WhatsApp using your unique talents.

Let’s say you are a great chef and are looking to start your own food business or you have digital expertise and you want to get more paying clients who can benefit from your skill set.

The best place to start is with your existing contact list on WhatsApp and convert that into a customer base. These will become your early adopters and help you start on this journey.

If it is a food business, share pictures and videos of your food products, and reviews of people enjoying your food on your WhatsApp status, in relevant groups, and private messages.

This should help get you, customers. Similarly, if you have digital skills and expertise, you can sell those to people who may require those services and start an online business.

4. Register as a WhatsApp Marketeer for Business

WhatsApp Marketeer for business is not a term you may have heard often, but it is very much real, and you can be one too.

To be a successful WhatsApp Marketeer for businesses, you need to know how to use WhatsApp for business marketing.

People are paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp as marketers. The requirements are basic:

  • You should have a large number of contacts on your WhatsApp account.
  • You should be part of multiple groups related to the type of products or services that you are looking to market.
  • Have an effective call-to-action on your status prompting the viewer to take the desired action.

If you have the above, you can become a marketeer for businesses. Depending on how many views you have on your WhatsApp status, you can strategically place the products or services on your status to be viewed by interested individuals.

5. Pay per download

One way how to make money from WhatsApp is to earn through pay-per-download.

PPD or pay-per-download is a service provided by various websites. To earn from this, you upload videos, pictures, games, music, or any other content on these websites.Whenever someone downloads any of the content that you uploaded, the website will pay you for it. The payout depends on the volume of downloads.

The way these websites earn money and in turn pay you a small commission is by showing an ad or having the viewer fill out a short online survey or form before downloading.

You may use file upload, up4ever, or any other PPD website to upload your content, then share it with your WhatsApp contacts with a call to action to download the content from your links.

6. Redirect traffic to websites or blogs

Another way how to make money from WhatsApp is redirecting traffic to websites or blogs.

Having traffic on your monetized website or blog increased your earnings, so if you have a monetized blog, it is a great idea to use WhatsApp to redirect traffic to your existing blog.

Blogs are monetized through affiliate links or by showing advertisements. The more views, the more commission you get.

Using WhatsApp to drive traffic to your blog posts by posting it on your status or sharing the link in groups or via direct messages. This way there is also the potential of your content going viral on WhatsApp if more people are interested in it.

Using WhatsApp to redirect traffic to your blogs is a great way to ensure viewer retention and get maximum traffic.

7. App referrals

One way how to make money from WhatsApp is through App referrals.

One way apps on the Play store get more downloads is where apps pay a small referral fee or some other in-kind rewards for referring the app to other people.

When people download those apps that you referred to, you make a nominal amount of money earned.

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