Is Auntie Naa Married With Kids? Details On The Oyerepa Afutuo Host’s Husband and Children

Auntie Naa is a Ghanaian radio and television personality best known on Oyerepa 100.7 FM for her show, Oyerepa Afutuo. Is she married?

Oyerepa 100.7 FM is a commercial radio broadcasting station with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities based in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Oyerepa FM serves the Ashanti region and beyond with religious, social, business, health, politics, entertainment, music, and other quality content that is helpful to the people.

Among all the programs on the television and radio network, Oyerepa Afutuo is the most listened to and the most watched show.

On weekdays at 1:00 pm, almost every Ghanaian especially those living in Kumasi tune in to the station to listen to the renowned and award-winning Tv and radio show.

Oyerepa Afutuo is a program that helps people (the voiceless) to solve their social problems. The show is hosted by a gorgeous woman named Auntie Naa but best known by her monikers “Maame Container“, “Maame Gudeeme”, “Papa Kwadaamusa“, or “Judge Kumpala

Many Ghanaians are curious about Auntie Naa’s personal life because she is constantly resolving marital disputes and assisting those who have been cheated on in marriages. For example, most people have used Google to look up the host’s spouse and whether she has any children. Well, has gathered everything you need to know about her.

Auntie Naa is an award-winning Ghanaian radio and television host.
Auntie Naa is an award-winning Ghanaian radio and television host.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official

Is Auntie Naa married?

Eunice Nortey, professionally known as Auntie Naa, prefers to keep her personal life a secret from the public. She hardly shares images that reveal her family online despite having a huge fanbase on social media.

In a 2020 interview with GCTV in a video on YouTube monitored by Thedistin, Auntie Naa revealed that her husband’s name is Agya Yaw Adu, a fellow radio personality who is from Cape Coast.

However, on the internet, it is rumored that the Oyerepa Afutuo host has divorced her husband (we’re not confirming or denying these claims). On social media, the reason for their separation is alleged to be based on personal differences with some claiming is perhaps due to infidelity.

As it stands now, she is a married woman despite divorce claims swirling online.

Auntie Naa is a mother and has her own children, however, the number of kids, their names, and their gender are unknown to the public. Also, there is no proof of whether she shares her kids with Yaw Adu (whom many are claiming is now her ex-partner) or whether she is currently married to another man and has children with him.

Auntie Naa posing with Akosua Agyapong, one of Ghana's respected musicians.
Auntie Naa posing with Akosua Agyapong, one of Ghana’s respected musicians.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official

What else do we know about Auntie Naa?

The popular host was born with the real name Eunice Naa Amerley Nortey. In an interview with GCTV, the radio personality revealed that she got her moniker Auntie Naa from her mother-in-law. Explaining further, she noted that her in-law who lived in Cape Coast was called Auntie Naa, who had a son (her husband) also marrying her (Naa), and since there were Naas in the family, she was called Auntie Naa by her in-law which later ended up being her nickname, which she loves it.

How old is Auntie Naa? The famous radio and Tv personality was born on October 19th. Her exact age is not known however, she is believed to be between 40 and 50 years.

Auntie Naa is not a judge in real life but rather a journalist who has read about the laws of Ghana. She mostly attends court proceedings and witnesses legal trials.

Auntie Naa is managed by Trips Asu, an ambassador for Violent Crime Prevention Board UK.

Her popularity has grown outside of her regular job as she currently has nearly 90K followers on her Instagram account @auntienaa_official.

Eunice is also a Canadian native who often travels there for her sabbatical holidays. When she recently left the baton in the hands of MFK, a fellow Oyerepa host and anchor who also did an excellent job, Oyerepa Fm Online confirmed she was in Canada and it happens that if she is absent from her show it could be due to health issue or she is enjoying her vacation in Canada or sometimes in the United States.

Auntie Naa has numerous accolades to her name. Some of her awards include;

  • TV and Radio Personality at Oyerepa FM
  • Host of Oyerepa Afutuo
  • Philanthropist
  • Best Female Personality in 2019
  • Best Female Host in 2021
  • Women in entrepreneurship award 2022
Auntie Naa is rumored to have divorced her husband and her current marital status is unknown.
Auntie Naa is rumored to have divorced her husband and her current marital status is unknown.
Image Source: Instagram @auntienaa_official

The fearless radio and Tv host, her team, and Oyerepa recently had a legal issue with VIP Bus management

Ante Naa and Oyerepa FM were taken to court to answer questions in front of the National Media Commission. The basis of the whole controversy is being initiated by VIP Bus management, per Gh on point.

According to the VIP Bus management, Ante Naa brought a certain lady into the studios of Oyerepa FM for an interview. In the said interview, the lady alleged that a VIP bus driver allegedly slept with her countless times on one of their buses. After the act, efforts for the driver to compensate her fell on deaf ears.

The lady later appeared on Oyerepa FM to name and shame the VIP bus driver. Due to this, the management of VIP Jeoun Transport finds the said interview offensive. This is because their brand was attached to the scandal.

They were also offended as to why Ante Naa refused to invite the management of VIP buses to narrate their side of the story than disgracing them on the radio.

Management even explained that the said act on the bus never happened. They, therefore, reported Ante Naa and Oyerepa FM to the National Media Commission to be brought to order.

‘Di Asa’ contestant Maame Efua runs to Auntie Naa, begs for rent money

Maame Efua, a former participant of  Atinka TV’s dance show dubbed; ‘Di Asa’ is calling on the general public to assist her financially to pay her rent.

Emerging on Oyerepa Afutuo Show, Tuesday hosted by Auntie Naa, Maame Efua indicated that, after performing at the Di Asa event, things began to go well until her kids’ dad dumped her.

She has since faced a lot of problems in life, thus; she has lost her job and as a result, is unable to raise money to rent a room.

On the other hand, her Landlord in Tema is evicting her this Saturday so she is confused and needs help from the public.

“Now rent at Tema isn’t easy, my job has also collapsed. My landlord has also told me to leave the house… he’s given me my balance (GHc1500) to leave the room because the owner needs it. He says I should leave this Saturday. I’ve approached my brother to help me but he says he is thinking about it so I shouldn’t pressurize him. He’s reluctant to help me and I don’t have any place to go. I’m broke…… I need money to rent another apartment, Auntie Naa please help me.”

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