Actress Jackie Appiah Shows The Fleet Of Luxurious Cars She Sells In Dubai

It is well known Jackie Appiah enjoys travelling and chilling at luxurious places of the world and she is currently in Dubai. The classy queen has once again shown us that ‘quality and wealthy bees do not make noise’ and has always remained peacefully in the background whilst others keep on chanting for fame and attention.

Not long ago, she was promoting a trip to Dubai for travel and tour agency in Ghana and it appears Jackie Appiah together with those who signed up are in Dubai having a great time.

Many of us have been wondering where the wealth of Jackie Appiah comes from as she has been off the screens for some time now. She has indeed cleared the conscience of all as in a video we are about to show you sees the gorgeous actress selling and marketing products.

The video which was captured in Dubai sees the actress marketing highly expensive cars to the world.

See the video below…

Jackie Appiah Cars
Jackie Appiah Cars


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