Is Jackie Appiah an Illuminati?

Ghanaians have asked questions after sighting a video of their favourite Actress, Jackie Appiah with a Skull-carved handbag at a Christian Movie Premier.

Actress Jackie Appiah accompanied by her son, Damien Peter Agyemang and manager, Samira Yakubu to the movie premiere of A Taste Of Sin movie on Friday, April 7 2023.

In a video that surfaced, the star actress stormed the red carpet looking ravishing in a figure-hugging white dress that showed her curves in all the right places.

Her beauty glittered and shined like a diamond. Despite her elegance exhibited in the video, one thing that has caught my attention is the bag she carried to the event.

The handbag Jackie Appiah complemented with her beautiful dress was a golden Skull-carved handbag

This handbag has raised eyebrows with many asking if Jackie Appiah is in any way involved with the secret society called The Illuminati.

Some Ghanaians believe that most celebrities start to showcase things/ objects of the devil as soon as they are initiated into the cult in a rather smart way.

They think the actress Jackie is leading a secret crusade hence the showcase of the Skull-carved handbag on the red carpet for all the see.

It was expected of her to come to the movie premier along with a more decent and ‘Non-Satanic’ bag that could not have raised suspicion.


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