Ken Potts Cause Of Death, 1941 USS Arizona Battleship Survivor

One of the final two survivors of the USS Arizona battleship, which sank during the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Ken Potts, has passed away. He was 102

According to Randy Stratton, whose late father, Donald Stratton, was Howard Kenton Potts’ Arizona shipmate and close friend, Howard Kenton Potts passed away on Friday at the house in Provo, Utah, that he shared with his wife of 66 years.

Stratton claimed Potts “had all his marbles” but recently had difficulty getting out of bed. On April 15, Potts’ birthday, Stratton chatted with him. He was pleased with his age of 102.

But he was aware that his body was essentially giving out on him, and he was just hoping for a recovery.

Potts joined the Navy in 1939. He was born and raised in Honey Bend, Illinois.

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