Kennedy Osei Biography, Net Worth, Mansions, Cars, Twins And Wife

Kennedy Osei is a Ghanaian businessman and the eldest son of Ghanaian business magnate, Osei Kwame Despite. He was born on October 10, 1992, in Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

Kennedy Osei attended Achimota School for his secondary education and later studied Business Administration at the University of Ghana. After completing his studies, he worked at Despite Media Group, his father’s company, where he gained experience in various departments, including sales, marketing, and management.

In February 2020, Kennedy Osei made headlines when he married Tracy Ameyaw in a lavish wedding ceremony that captured the attention of many Ghanaians. The wedding, dubbed the “Royal Wedding,” was estimated to have cost over $1 million and featured many high-profile guests, including politicians and celebrities.

Kennedy Osei is the General Manager of Despite Media Group, which includes Peace FM, Okay FM, Neat FM, Hello FM, and UTV. He is also the founder of the KENCYRIL Fashion brand, which specializes in men’s clothing and accessories.

Despite his young age, Kennedy Osei has achieved notable success in his career and continues to make significant contributions to his family’s business empire.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name: Kennedy Osei
Net Worth: $5 million
Profession: Lawyer, Business magnate
Full Name: Kennedy Asante Osei Esq.
Ethnicity: Akan
Place of birth: Accra
Date of birth: 10 October 1986
Company: Despite Group of Companies
Wife: Tracy Osei Gyamfuah Ameyaw
Children: Kayla Osei and Kaylee Osei
Parents: Father: Osei Kwame
Mother: Awurama Osei Despite

Kennedy Osei Biography

Kennedy Osei
Kennedy Osei

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s first son, Kennedy Osei Asante is one of the richest kids in Ghana. But, how big is his fortune?

Osei Kwame Despite is a Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist with a foundation in music creation and knowledge of the broadcasting sector.

Osei-Kwame is the CEO of the Despite Firm Ltd, a trading company with subsidiaries in the media industry, including UTV, PEACE FM, OKAY FM, NEAT FM, and HELLO FM in Kumasi.

Despite is one of the richest men in Ghana currently with his fortune raking in millions of dollars. He is married to two wives and has nine kids.

Kennedy Osei Asante is the first son and child of businessman, Osei Kwame Despite.

Kennedy Osei Asante, his first son, is the General Manager of Despite Media. In 2019, he married Tracy in an expensive ceremony that drew the attention of many people both inside and outside the country.

There is more about Kennedy Osei that his admirers are untold, hence, Zea.NG has gathered some biography facts about him. Anyone in an inquisition about his net worth, educational background, relationships, and assets should read till the end of this Article.

What is Kennedy Osei’s net worth?

Kennedy Osei is one of the richest young people in Ghana. He currently has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His father is one of the wealthiest men in Ghana today. Currently, he is the owner of the Despite Group of Companies, through which he has earned a staggering net worth of $800 million.

GM as he is popularly called oversees Okay FM, Neat FM, Peace FM, Hello FM, UTV, and the very popular portal.

As the eldest son of Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, CEO of the Despite Group of Companies, he has been an outstanding director of the team, and his professionalism and admirable personal qualities in handling the businesses under one of the biggest conglomerates in Ghana are impressive and undoubted.

Apart from that, Ken has been in the REAL ESTATES business for almost a decade, masterminding the building of lots of properties and renting some within the Greater Accra and Ashanti Region.

He also controls the following in various capacities as follows:

  • Managing Director – Golden Crest Hotel and Golden Crystal Hotel
  • Director, Aerial Plus Service- A company that is into power line inspections, advertisement, and other media content provision
  • Director, Nextbite Company Ltd – Importers of Food products and confectionaries
  • Founding Member, TRIBAL AFRICA – a movement of young Africans set up to promote African Culture and Heritage.

Kennedy Osei and his wife Tracy Osei have two children

The name of Kennedy Osei’s wife is Tracy Gyamfua Ameyaw. She is best known as Tracy Osei.

Kennedy Osei and Tracy’s marriage which was dubbed “KENCY2020” took place on February 15, 2020, and to date is regarded as one of the most expensive wedding ceremonies in Ghana’s history. Their traditional wedding held on February 13, 2020, at Trasacco Valley, near East Legon in Accra was the talk of town.

What does Tracy Osei do for a living? 26-year-old Tracy Gyamfua Ameyaw is a professional fashion designer who completed Krobo Girls Senior High School (SHS) in 2014.

The young Fashion Designer started her journey to becoming a fashion expert at Radford University College at East Legon in Accra where she studied Fashion Design.

She currently works at Saf Dieu, an emerging Ghanaian fashion brand as a fashion designer and illustrator.

While Tracy may be married into a rich Ghanaian family, she is herself, from a relatively rich Ghanaian home.

Kennedy Osei and his wife opened their first business a couple of months after their wedding. The name they gave to their company was KENCY, which is a combination of Kennedy “KEN” and Tracy “CY”.

On November 18, 2020, the couple welcomed twin girls in the United States of America. They named them Kayla Osei and Kaylee Osei. The meanings of names of the twins are Adom and Nhyira.

Kennedy Osei is the first in his family to become a lawyer

Kennedy Osei attained a height his father couldn’t as he became the first in the Despite Family to become a lawyer.

On Friday, November 11th, 2022, Kennedy was called to the Ghana Bar Association after he was among the 785 new lawyers who successfully completed their education at the Ghana School of Law that year.

A few days after, Kennedy Osei, one of the most prominent personalities in Ghana at the moment, was shown massive support by his family and friends as they attended his official party in celebration of his success.

Businessman Osei Kwame Despite was present as his first son, Kennedy Osei, got called to the Ghana Bar as a lawyer. Despite who attended with his family arrived at the ceremony in grand style riding in his Bugatti Chiron.

Kennedy showed off his riches as he left the scene with his riding in a black-colored Rolls Royce with his wife.

What school did Kenndy Osei attend?

Kennedy holds a Master’s degree in Money, Banking & Finance from the University of Birmingham in England

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Banking & Finance Option) from the University of Ghana and an LLB in Law from the Mountcrest University College.

He is also a proud Santaclausian hailing from Adisadel College, Cape Coast, and had his elementary Education at the Rev. John Teye Memorial Institute, Accra.

Other accomplishments

Ken has refurbished a library for Rev. John Teye Memorial Institute, his alma mater.

He’s organized a free talk on “Evolving the African Narrative: Focus on Deriving Economic Benefit from African Emerging Dominance in Pop Culture” With The Tribal Africa X Open Space Team at the Kempinski Hotel, Accra, Spearheading the Despite Media annual Free Health Care Programme and Championing and executing projects donated by Dr. Osei Kwame (DESPITE) which includes 37 Military Hospital’s “Despite Children’s Block” which contains the Oncology department, Children’s physiotherapy department, and wards; the Wiamose Police Station Complex, the Tesano Police Station and many others.

In addition to Ken’s impressive portfolio of leadership qualities, professional accomplishments, and charitable works within the Despite Group and other self-owned businesses and associates, he is one of the most disciplined and focused young entrepreneurs of our time.

Considering his affluent background, Diligence, integrity, and selflessness are his hallmarks when one encounters him. Ken is also humble, respectful, and courageous and his wisdom as a discerning listener is impeccable.

Kennedy Osei’s Cars and houses

Being a son of a rich man and inheriting a group of his businesses, you surely must own a home and other cars in addition.

Yes, Kennedy Osei has a house, he lives in a beautiful two-storey building with many expensive cars parked inside the compound.

A video emerged on the internet back in 2020 on Kennedy Osei’s birthday that showed his friends and workers surprising him with gifts. The clip also put his house on display, cars including Porsche Cayenne, Honda CRV, Mercedes Benz GLA, and his super plush living room.

Kennedy Osei Rolls Royce
Kennedy Osei Rolls Royce

Other cars he owns include the Cayenne, Honda CRV, and Mercedes Benz GLA.

Also, Kennedy Osei was gifted a customised white Rolls Royce on his wedding day by his dad. He has also been spotted riding in an all-black-colored Rolls Royce.

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