KiDi Biography: Age, Wife, Son, Hometown, Parents, Awards

KIDI, whose real name is Dennis Nana Dwamena, is a popular Ghanaian musician, singer, and songwriter. He was born on August 18, 1993, in Accra, Ghana. KIDI gained prominence in the Ghanaian music industry in 2017 with his hit single “Say You Love Me,” which topped the charts in Ghana and gained him a huge following.

KIDI’s music style is a blend of Afrobeats, highlife, and R&B, with a unique vocal delivery that sets him apart. He is known for his smooth voice, catchy melodies, and romantic lyrics, which have resonated with fans across Africa and beyond. He has released several successful singles and albums, and his music has earned him numerous awards and nominations, including the 2018 Ghana Music Awards for Best New Artiste and Best Male Vocalist.

KIDI is also part of the music group Lynx Entertainment, which has played a significant role in shaping his career. Apart from his solo career, KIDI has collaborated with several other Ghanaian artists and has also ventured into acting, appearing in popular Ghanaian movies and TV shows.

In addition to his musical talents, KIDI is known for his fashionable sense of style and charismatic stage presence. He has a strong presence on social media, where he connects with his fans and shares updates about his music and personal life.

Overall, KIDI has become one of the leading voices in the Ghanaian music industry, known for his hit songs, soulful voice, and versatile musical abilities. He continues to make waves in the music scene in Ghana and beyond, and his fanbase continues to grow with each release.

Who is Kidi in Ghana?

Born Dennis Nana Kwaku Boadi Dwamena, KiDi is a Ghanaian Highlife & Afro-pop singer, songwriter, and record producer.

He was adjudged the ultimate winner of the 2015 MTN Hitmaker reality show season 4 after defeating all four finalists, including Abena, Yaw, CJ, and Gunshot.

KiDi, who is signed to Lynx Entertainment, is best known for hit singles like, “Say You Love Me,” and “Odo” with the remix version featuring Nigerian superstars, Davido and Mayorkun.

KiDi Date Of Birth

Dennis Nana Dwamena aka KiDi was born on Wednesday, August 18th, 1993.

KiDi Age

The “Odo” singer, Kidi is currently 29 years of age and will be 30 yeras old come August this year, 2023.

KiDi Parents

KiDi aka “Mr Suga Daddy” was born to the late Mr Gerald and Madam Beatrice Thompson in in Teshie Nungua in Accra, Ghana.

KiDi Hometown

Kidi hails from Kwahu Abetifi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

KiDi Family

The singer has two younger brothers who are known as Philip and Elliot.

What happened to Kidi’s father before he died?

KiDi Mother
KiDi Mother

Kidi was only 7 years old when armed robbers stormed their house and in the process, sadly gave his father, Mr Gerald, some severe beatings of his life.

His dad, Mr Gerald, after that ordeal became seriously sick and was admitted to the hospital but sadly died afterwards.

KiDi Senior High School and University Education

Kidi started his primary education at Grace Prparatory school in Kaneshie, before moving on to St. Anthony’s School in Accra for his Junior high school education, completing in 2012.

For his Senior High School education, Kidi attended Accra Academy located in Accra, Ghana.

After he successfully completed Accra Academy, Kidi was admitted to the University of Ghana, Legon, where he graduated in 2016 with a degree in Economics and Information Studies.

Who is the wife of KiDi?

The “Say You Love Me” singer, Kidi is rumoured to be going out with Afro pop singer, Cina Soul.

Cina Soul recently revealed that she wouldn’t mind being the stepmom of Kidi’s son who she sees as cute

KiDi Son

KiDi Son
KiDi Son

Kidi on Thursday, November 28th, 2019, shocked many of his fans when he shared a photo of himself and his then 3-year-old son named Zane Nana Boadi Dwamena aka Zee Skit & Sugar.

Zane Nana Boadi Dwamena was born sometime in 2016.

This became a huge “disappoint” to many of his followers, especially the ladies who had long been trying to catch his eye.

Who is the mother of Kidi’s son?

Kidi — who fathered his son at age 23 long before he became famous — managed to keep it private until recently because he was afraid of what Ghanaians were going to say about him having a kid at that early age.

KiDi Baby Mother
KiDi Baby Mother

When he was asked in an interview with MzGee on ‘3 FM’ about who the mother of his son is, the “Enjoyment” hitmaker said his baby mama who’s older than him, is a London-based Sugar Mummy reportedly named Van Alst.

According to Kidi, he is no longer in a relationship with his baby mama Van Alst but they still communicate and are co-parenting.

2015 MTN Hitmaker Season 4 Winner

In 2015, Kidi joined the MTN Hitmaker reality show season 4 competition after doing recorded covers of popular songs of other well-known musicians.

He eventually emerged victorious of the 2015 MTN Hitmaker season 4 competition and was later signed by Lynx Entertainment owned by Richie Mensah.

KiDi Music Career

Kidi started his music career performing and showcasing his talent on “Moonlight Café” — a production platform for new and up-and-coming artistes to display and exhibit their God-given talents to the world.

In 2017, KiDi became an instant hit when he wrote, composed and produced the forever soothing love song, “Say You Love Me“.

Kidi released another banger titled “Odo” in July 2017 which was later remixed in December 2017 to include popular Nigerian musicians, Davido and Mayorkun.

Then in 2018, the ‘Mr Sugar Daddy’ singer released yet another hit song with the title “Adiepena”.

KiDi Had A Stroke

Ghanaians are still not happy with the sudden absence of the ‘SUGAR DADDY’ KiDi in the wake of rumours that have spread like wildfire that he is seriously down by a stroke.

LYNX Entertainment signee, Dennis Nana Dwamena professionally known as KiDi is reportedly very ill and has gotten bedridden in the process.

The ‘Say Cheese’ hitmaker whose last post on Instagram confirms that he’s currently battling a chronic illness has been absent from social media since 14th February 2023.

In his last emotional post, KiDi exclusively revealed that his current health condition won’t permit him to perform at his GoldenBoy North American tour hence it has been postponed and the new dates will be communicated to his fans very soon.

He additionally revealed that he was left with no other option than to reschedule his tour dates because if he pushes himself to perform, his already weakened health status might deteriorate and land him in a critical condition.

KiDi’s post gave rise to depressing rumours that have taken over social media trends alleging that he’s down with a stroke which we can’t confirm.

However, days ago when the rumours started spreading across social media, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah shot down the rumours circulating about KiDi’s health.

According to him, there’s no speck of truth in the reports and has urged fans and followers of the musician to ignore the fast-trending speculations.

Since the day Richie came to the public space to react to the issue, the worry of Ghanaians about the VGMA award-winning artiste is becoming worse by day.

They say before they can believe that the Ladies Man – KiDi is not down with a Stroke as it is believed, the management should update his socials with a video of him speaking to the fans. Anything aside that could affirm their beliefs.

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KiDi Hit Songs

KiDi as record producer has written and produced songs for the likes of MzVee, and Adina.

He has also collaborated with big acts such as Davido, Mayorkun, Tic tac, Ko-Jo Cue, Magnom, Kwesi Arthur, among others.

Here are some of the hit songs made by Kidi:

  • “Cinderella” featuring Mayorkun & Peruzzi
  • Pour Some Sugar
  • For Better For Worse
  • Awurama
  • “Come Thru” featuring Stonebwoy
  • Fakye Me
  • Bleed
  • Sugar Daddy featuring Mr Eazy
  • Never Again
  • Letter To Afia
  • Drunk
  • Club Style
  • Vernum
  • Ave Maria
  • My Girl

KiDi Albums

So far, Dennis Nana Dwamena aka KiDi has two major albums to his credit:

  • Golden Boy (2021)
  • Blue EP(2020)
  • Sugar (2019)

KiDi Awards and Nominations

3Music Awards (2021 —> 2018)

  • 2021 — Artiste (MVP) Of The Year— @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2021 — EP Of The Year (‘Blue’) — @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2021 — Song Of The Year (‘Enjoyment’) — @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2021 — Afrobeats/Afropop Song Of The Year (‘Enjoyment’) — @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2019 — Best Male Vocal Performance (Fakye Me)— @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2018 — Most Eventful Snapchat channel — @3Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2018 — Male Act of the Year — @3Music Awards — Nominated
  • 2018 — Breakout Act of the Year — @3Music Awards — Nominated
  • 2018 — Song of the Year (Odo) — @3Music Awards — Nominated

Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (2021 —> 2018)

  • 2018 — Highlife Song of the Year (Ɔdɔ) — #VGMA19 — Winner!
  • 2018 — Afropop Song of the Year (Say You Love Me) — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Highlife Artiste of the Year — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Best Male Vocalist (Odo) — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Best New Artiste — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Song of the Year (Odo) —#VGMA19 — Nominated

NOTE: No winners were announced for the 2019 VGMA “Most Popular Song” & “Artiste of The Year” categories. Read below for more…

  • 2019 — Best Male Vocalist of the Year — #VGMA19 — Winner!
  • 2019 — Highlife Artiste of the Year — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2019 — Song of the Year (Thunder) — #VGMA19 — Nominated —NOTE: No winner declared
  • 2019 — Highlife Song of the Year (Thunder) — #VGMA19 — Nominated
  • 2020— Album Of The Year (Sugar album) — #VGMA21 — Winner!
  • 2020 — Afrobeats Song Of The Year (Mr Badman) — #VGMA21 — Nominated!
  • 2020 — Vodafone Most Popular Song of The Year (“Mr Badman”) — Nominated
  • 2020 — Highlife Artiste Of The Year — Nominated
  • 2020 — Male Vocalist Of The Year — Nominated
  • 2020 — Best Collaboration Of The Year (“Ɔhemaa” ft. Kuami Eugene) — Nominated
  • 2020 — Best Collaboration Of The Year (“Mr Badman ft. Kwesi Arthur”) — Nominated
  • 2020 — Best International Collaboration Of The Year (“Sugar Daddy” ft. Mr Eazi) — Nominated
  • 2020 — Best International Collaboration Of The Year (“Cinderella” ft. Mayorkum & Peruzzi) — Nominated
  • 2021 — Artiste Of The Year — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Afrobeat/Afropop Song Of The Year (“Say Cheese”) — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Most Popular Song Of The Year (“Say Cheese”)— #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Most Popular Song Of The Year (“Enjoyment”)— #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Afrobeat/Afropop Artiste Of The Year — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — EP Of The Year (“Blue”) — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Collaboration Of The Year (“One Man” ft. Adina) — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Best Male Vocal Performance Of The Year — #VGMA22 — Nominated!
  • 2021 — Best Highlife Song Of The Year (“Enjoyment”) — #VGMA22 — Nominated!

4syte Music Video Awards (2017 —> 2019)

  • 2017 — Best Discovery Video — @4syte Music Video Awards — Nominated
  • 2019 — Best Edited Video (Cinderella) — @4syte Music Video Awards — Nominated
  • 2019 — Best Male (Adiepɛna) — @4syte Music Video Awards — Nominated
  • 2019 — Best Highlife (Adiepɛna) — @4syte Music Video Awards — Nominated
  • 2019 — Best Collaboration (Mr. Badman) — @4syte Music Video Awards — Nominated

Ghana Music Awards-UK (GMA-UK) (2018 —> 2019)

  • 2018 — Artist Of The Year — #GMA-UK2018 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Highlife Artist Of The Year — #GMA-UK2018 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Best Male Vocalist (Ɔdɔ) — #GMA-UK2018 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Highlife Song of the Year — #GMA-UK2018 — Nominated
  • 2018 — Best New Artiste of the Year — #GMA-UK2018 — Nominated
  • 2019 — Highlife Act of the Year — #GMA-UK2019 — Nominated
  • 2019 — Album of the Year (Sugar) — #GMA-UK2019 — Nominated

All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2018

  • 2018 — Best Artiste Duo or Group in Africa Contemporary — @AFRIMA — Winner!


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