Kojo Antwi’s Biography, Age, Career, Education, Wife and Children and Other Facts About Him.

Kojo Antwi, also known as “Mr. Music Man” or the “Music Maestro,” is a Ghanaian musician, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the most successful and renowned highlife and afrobeats musicians from Ghana, with a career spanning several decades. Kojo Antwi is known for his soulful voice, captivating stage presence, and his ability to fuse various African musical styles to create unique and melodious songs.

Kojo Antwi was born on July 22, 1954, in Kumasi, Ghana. He started his music career in the late 1970s as a member of the band Classique Vibes, and later joined the Ghanaian music group Nkran Kwanso. He gained widespread recognition in the 1980s with his hit songs such as “Tom & Jerry,” “Adiepena,” “Medofo Pa,” and “Dadie Anoma,” which became popular not only in Ghana but also across Africa and among African diaspora communities around the world.

Kojo Antwi’s music is known for its rich lyrical content, which often addresses themes of love, relationships, social issues, and spirituality. He has released numerous albums throughout his career, including “Burning Desire,” “Toffee,” “Densu,” and “Anokye,” among others. His music has won him several awards and accolades, and he is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern highlife and afrobeats music in Ghana.

Apart from his music career, Kojo Antwi has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, including supporting education and healthcare initiatives in Ghana. He has a large and dedicated fan base, and his music continues to inspire and entertain people around the world. Kojo Antwi’s contribution to Ghanaian and African music has earned him a special place in the hearts of music lovers and has solidified his status as one of the legends of African music.

Kojo Antwi
Kojo Antwi

Kojo Antwi Profile

Born: Accra-Ghana

Origin: Ghana

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Musician


Kojo Antwi popularly known as ” Mr. Music Man” is a Ghanaian music artist of Afropop, reggae and highlife. He is one of the finest musicians in Africa. The birth name of Kojo Antwi is Julius Kojo Antwi.

He was born into a family of thirteen siblings and was brought up in the Darkuman suburb of Accra. Kojo Antwi age has still been kept hidden from the public.


Kojo Antwi commonly known as ” Mr. Music Man”started his career in music immediately after leaving school by joining the band called ” Boomtalents”.

Afterwards, he became a classique vibe’s front man, which is popularly called classique handles. Ultimately, Kojo went solo. His first album named “All i need is you” was released in the year 1986 and this album became Ghanaian chart-buster. He sings in the dominant language of Ghana. With a successful career in the music industry, he established himself as a consummate vocalist who is an enigmatic performer, a producer, a prolific song writer and arranger.

These qualities are what makes him perhaps the best Musso of Ghana alive.

If you have any question in your mind about is Kojo Antwi dead or not, then i hope your dobt is clear now. To make the best music, he takes only few days maybe, but when the songs are released they last for generations. You would love his old songs just like you love any today’s contemporary music.

Wife and Children

Highlife legend of Ghana, Kojo Antwi has revealed that he has 2 wives in his life. He said that music is his first wife. The name of Kojo Antwi wife is Rocklyn Antwi.

Kojo Antwi said that ” Nothing stops me from responding to the call from music as his first wife. He said that whenever music (his first wife) calls, he abandons other things or any work and heads directly towards the call.


Kojo Antwi has revealed alot about his children. He has kept his family life private and away from the limelight.


Me Ni Wu Ara

Say a little prayer for the world

Makoma Doctor

Ponko Abo Dam; this song is one of the best of Kojo Antwi

Best Shot

Adinkra Groovy

I’m coming home and many more.


Kojo Antei has won numerous international awards in the field of music and Ghana music awards.

The awards won by Kojo Antwi include our Music Award, Best Male Artist from West African Kora Award, West Africa Tourism Award, All Africa Music Awards 2009 and many more.


Here are few news in regard to Kojo Antwi. The legendary artiste Kojo Antwi delivered a passionate performance during the final rites of Ebony Reigns. The ceremony was organised at the State House in Accra.

Mr. Music Man tried to entertain all fans and well wishers who were lost mourning for the good soul. He performed “Afe de3 may3 osaman” during funeral ceremony.

Kojo Antwi, the legendary Ghanaian musician was featured in Anas Amereyaw Anas’s lastesr undercover. The background music of this investigate piece features ” Me to nko” by the Kojo Antwi. This was a breakthrough in the music career of Kojo Antwi, where he was found executing a role in the corruption expose.

See how music legend Kojo Antwi inspires a die hard fan of him.

Saturday, August 22nd,2020, will forever remain day for Afia Antwiwaa Kojah die hard fan of Kojo Antwi.

According to Afia, it was the day her long-cherished dream of having the maestro hold her hand and walk her down the red carpet to her groom as the consummate their marriage.

She told Suncity Radio in an interview that she started following the exploit of Kojo Antwi at age 13 in JHS, and has since be an ardent fan of ‘Mr.Music Man’, playing and enjoying his songs at all times.

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