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Maame Dokono, whose real name is Grace Omaboe, is a Ghanaian actress, television personality, and entrepreneur. She was born on May 26, 1946, in Sekondi, Ghana. Maame Dokono gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s through her acting career, particularly for her role as “Maame” in the popular Ghanaian television series “Obra.”

Maame Dokono’s acting skills and unique style made her a household name in Ghana and across Africa. She appeared in numerous Ghanaian films and TV shows, portraying various roles with great talent and versatility. Her contributions to the Ghanaian entertainment industry have earned her recognition and awards.

Aside from acting, Maame Dokono has also ventured into other fields. She has hosted her own television talk show called “Odo,” which focused on relationships and personal development. Furthermore, she is an entrepreneur and has been involved in various business ventures, including owning a beauty salon and a restaurant.

Maame Dokono’s influence extends beyond her entertainment career. She has been actively involved in politics in Ghana, particularly aligned with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party. She has served as a Member of Parliament and held government positions, including the Minister for Tourism and Diasporan Relations under the presidency of John Evans Atta Mills.

Throughout her career, Maame Dokono has left an indelible mark on the Ghanaian entertainment industry and has become an iconic figure in the country. Her contributions to acting, television hosting, entrepreneurship, and politics have made her a respected and well-known personality in Ghana.

Maame Dokono
Maame Dokono

Who Is Grace Omaboe

Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, a highly decorated veteran Ghanaian actress, singer, television personality is one of the most loved personalities in Ghana.

Maame Dokono Age

74 years

Maame Dokono Date of Birth

June 1946

Maame Dokono Biography

Grace Omaboe was born an entertainer and her influence and authority have been felt in every department of show business – making her the face of Ghanaian show business for decades.

Before her, there was none of her kind and after her prime; we are still looking out for the next.

She tinkered with almost every sector of the industry and excelled. She did scriptwriting, acting, radio and TV presenting, fashion, music, and entrepreneurship and nailed every one of them to perfection.

From humble beginnings as a scriptwriter for one of the legendary television series of all time, Osofo Dadzie – Grace Omaboe parlayed that into significant strides on the screens.

She honed her skills as an influential member of the Abetifi Girls School and accepted to be a scriptwriter for the Osofo Dadzie group and after the group was disbanded, legendary producer, Nana Bosompra, encouraged her to act in a series she co-produced called Keteke on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and that began her first acting role.

After a while, she rebranded the TV series and changed the title to Obra – the longest-showing television series ever to grace the screens in Ghana.

Maame Dokono was not only limited to local content on TV; she was also a force in filmmaking in Ghana, part of a generation of actors that made Ghana a go-to movie hub in Africa, starring in several English-oriented movies like Crossfire, Sacrifice, Expectations and many more.

Maame Dokono
Maame Dokono

Maame Dokono Career

Her ability to spearhead the By The Fireside television series and how impactful she was at the basic school level is nothing compared to what she did to the talk show segments on radio and television in the following years.

In late 90s into 2000s, she engineered such a ground-breaking movement on radio, via the talk show, Odo Ne Asomdwee on the now-defunct Choice FM.

The show was hinged on violence and abuse against children and women and in months after its commencement, the show became a major hit in the capital.

Maame Dokono’s prowess was always tested and she more than excelled in that regard as she followed up on every case with the appropriate authorities in getting results for victims and punitive measures for the accused.

Odo Ne Asomdwee was arguably the most popular afternoon show on radio at the time, with the whole capital hooked onto what case she was going to unravel and solve.

The show was so important that it was imperative for many across other regions to get involved and be afforded the opportunity to see how such critical matters were discussed and solved and then came Metro TV.

With the popular show on television, nothing was stopping Maame Dokono in her quest to becoming the most-loved celebrity in the country.

Maame Dokono Education

Omaboe hails from Nyafuman in the Birim North District of Ghana. She attended Abetifi Girls School.

Maame Dokono Personal Life

Grace Omaboe was married but divorced. She has six children with two based in the United States, two in the Netherlands, and the rest in Ghana.

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