Actress Maame Serwaa Finally ‘Marries’

Clara Benson, better known in the film industry as Maame Serwaa, continues to’slay’ on Instagram despite the fact that she recently lost her mother, but life goes on for the young actress. Maame Serwaa has taken to Instagram to share some bride-like photos that have gotten people talking on the internet. In one of the stunning photos, she is seen wearing a black gown, indicating that she is indeed mourning her mother.

In another photo, is her lovely mother which she captioned, “I Would like to express my profound gratitude to everyone who came out to support and console me during my mum’s one-week observation over the weekend. Words cannot express how important your words and efforts are to me. May God abundantly bless you!!!
Despite her mother’s death, Maame Serwaa has promised to brighten the faces of children during the Christmas holidays at Accra’s Efua Sutherland Park.

The young actress lost her mother earlier this month after a brief illness, and she has promised to give her a proper burial. Her mother died at the age of 48.

Maame Serwaa Wedding
Maame Serwaa Wedding

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