Man takes back container he bought for his girlfriend after she broke up with him

Aku Sika of Happy FM has reported on a man who, after his girlfriend dumped him, seized a container he had bought for her.

A video that appeared to corroborate the story showed a group of men carrying the heavy container above their heads while following the man’s directions on a dusty path.

The reporter may have refrained from providing additional details on the captivating story because of the video’s length, which may have prevented viewers from becoming overly curious.

However, this did not stop online users from expressing differing viewpoints about the subject.

Similarly, Ini Frank, a man from Nigeria, gained significant attention on social media for his actions towards his girlfriend.

To secure a lasting relationship, he bought a refrigerator for his girlfriend but upon discovering that she was not reciprocating his love and commitment, he went over to take back the fridge.

Ini who shared photos of himself carrying the fridge captioned the photo: “I went to my girlfriend’s house I saw her boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her so I took the fridge.”

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