Marry a rich man and not a poor man – Christiana Awuni to ladies

Ghanaian actress Christiana Awuni counselled local ladies planning to settle down in marriage to always try to marry wealthy men.

The well-known actress forcefully asserted that women should never, under any circumstances, have the idea of marrying a poor man while granting an interview to Kofi Adomah.

Christiana Awuni explained her perspective by saying that most guys, who are often poor, start to develop an unpleasant taste for certain women once they start to make money.

This implies that if you are a woman who chooses to stay with such a man while he is poor in the hopes that you two are creating a future together, this man may leave you once he starts to get money because his preference for women will probably change.

Christiana Awuni was quick to point out that when she refers to a rich man, she does not mean a man with millions of cedis in his or her bank account.

She continued that she is rather referring to any man who at least has a respectable job that earns him an income, a man who has a nice place to stay, and a man who can at least meet the lady’s basic needs.

Watch the interview below:

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