McBrown accused of secretly smoking with her husband at home

A few days ago, a new video capturing Nana Ama Mcbrown’s husband smoking like a chimney trended online, stoking shocking reactions from internet users.

Maxwell Mawu Mensah is noted to keep most of his activities private though his wife is a public figure. He chooses to go behind the scenes and do his things.

However, the video of him self-recording while smoking has come as a shocker to many Ghanaians.

In the video, Maxwell puffed the smoke from his mouth and ears like how PRO smokers do each time they are smoking.

On the back of the circulating video, McBrown has been accused of being a party to Maxwell’s habitual smoking fantasy.

According to a controversial Ghanaian TikToker named Frafrahemma, Maxwell learned to smoke during his relationship with veteran Ghanaian singer, Mzbel.

She claims Mzbel and Maxwell used to smoke together during their time together and couldn’t get over his old habit when he met McBrown.

Frafrahemma asserts that Maxwell has influenced McBrown and now smokes with the actress and TV presenter although she pretends not to like it.

In addition, she alleged that McBrown also drinks alcohol with Maxwell behind closed doors but acts as though she’s a saint in public.

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