Mcbrown surprises Captain Smart with a TV and a fridge as birthday presents

Actress Nana Ama McBrown orchestrated a delightful surprise for her colleague at Onua TV, Captain Smart, in celebration of his birthday.

Live on air, McBrown presented Captain Smart with a television and refrigerator as birthday gifts, leaving the seasoned journalist overwhelmed with gratitude.

Captain Smart allegedly backbiting Mcbrown at ONUA TV as he’s jealous of the Queenly treatment she’s receiving

McBrown meticulously planned the surprise, sparing no effort in ensuring that it would be a remarkable celebration for Captain Smart who is now her close friend and associate.

Accompanied by her aides, McBrown arrived at the studio to present Captain Smart with a colossal UltraLED Hisense TV and a refrigerator.

Captain Smart was elated upon receiving the gifts, expressing his happiness and joy in a moment that will undoubtedly linger in his memory.

Watch the video below to know more…


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