Meet the Ex-wife of Steve Harvey who he divorced to marry Marjorie Harvey

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey’s divorce was a messy affair that received plenty of media attention.

They fought each other in court for many years beyond their divorce.
However, before the court battles and the media firestorm, the couple was happily married for a time.

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey divorced in 2005. According to court documents, the reason behind the couple’s split was “irreconcilable differences.” Court battles between the two were featured in news stories years after their split.

In 2011, Mary Harvey posted several YouTube videos accusing Steve of leaving her homeless and destitute, turning their son against her, and manipulating the courts.

Additionally, Mary Lee Harvey claimed that the reason for the divorce was infidelity. She said that Steve Harvey cheated on her with his third wife, Marjorie Harvey, while he was still married to her.

Furthermore, since their divorce, Steve paid her $40,000 monthly until March 2009. In March 2009, he paid her $1.5 Million.

Their divorce was finalized in 2005, but she continued to fight and lose legal battles against Steve Harvey up until 2018.

After their divorce, Steve married Marjorie in 2007 and has stayed happily married ever since until recent news as reported by

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