Moment Abeiku Santana fights and threatens to slap Bulldog on live TV (Video)

News of the imprisonment of two employees of Pizzaman over theft in the company has stirred mixed reactions among social media users.

The two workers, Seidu Karim and Rashid Abdullah are said to have stolen 20 boxes of chicken wings and two gallons of vegetable cooking oil from the restaurant’s warehouse in Kumasi, Ghana.

They were subsequently sentenced to a 5-year jail term after they were found guilty.

On the back of the court judgment, Abeiku Santana chided Christian Boakye Yiadom – the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing Ghanaian-owned Fast Food chains – for exacting harsh punishment on the poor workers.

Speaking on his show on Okay FM, the radio presenter suggested that the CEO could have explored less punitive ways of handling the case such as deducting the cost of the stolen items from the salary of the culprits, instead of handing them over to law enforcement.

“Your worker steals 20 cartons of chicken wings from you and you get them imprisoned for five years? What’s the sense in that? Poor workers steal from you, deduct the cost of the stolen items from their pay, but they have been jailed five years each,” Abeiku Santana lashed out.

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Reacting to Abeiku Santana’s submission that the young guys shouldn’t have been jailed hence the CE of Pizzaman is heartless – Bulldog vehemently chided Abeiku Santana for encouraging bad behaviour.

During their back-and-forth banter on UTV last night, Abeiku Santana revealed that he would have slapped Bulldog if he said such ‘rubbish’ on his show on live radio.

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