Most People Are Spiritually Married For Urinating On Mimosa Leaves

For those of us who indiscriminately urinate anywhere, the founder and leader of the healing mountain of God ministry in Suhum in the eastern region, Rev. Isaac Oppong has disclosed that a lot of spiritual marriages today are as a result of people urinating on mimosa leaves.

According to the spiritual man, if the spirit that dwells in the mimosa leaves is male it automatically marries a lady who urinates on the mimosa leaves. He added that the vice versa is also real.

Discussing spiritual forces against the church on Radio 1 100.7FM with Obido Nana Gyasi on Sunday, 16th August 2020, the powerful man added that it is also another reason why most people will dream of having affairs.

“When we were young, we used to play with mimosa leaves but let me tell you. If you are a man and you urinate on the mimosa leaves and if the spirit that dwells in the plant is female, it spiritually marries you. The same thing happens to you if you are a female. That is how come people will dream of having affairs while asleep” – Rev Isaac Oppong revealed.

He added that those who have their bathhouse drains (sewage) into pathways also suffer retrogressing in life and advised they stop because there are a lot of spirits and powers that pass by.

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