Mr Ibu Reportedly Dies

This tragic news was first shared on Twitter by @Postsubman.

Sharing the devastating news, @Postsubman shared a screenshot of the chat he had with a health worker who works at Evecare where Mr Ibu was receiving treatment.

Another sad post on X by a handle named Igbo History has also confirmed the death of Mr Ibu.

In October 2023, John Okafor, fondly called Mr Ibu, revealed that he was suffering from an ailment that threatened to amputate one of his legs.

The veteran actor appealed to his fans and the public for prayers and financial assistance to cover his medical bills and also shared a video of himself lying in a hospital bed, expressing his fear of losing his leg.

Although he later lost one of his legs, the circulating claims on social media that he has passed away is very heartbreaking

Mr Ibu Dies At 62

Award-winning Nollywood actor, John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, has succumbed to health complications after a prolonged battle with blood clotting on his leg.

The beloved actor passed away on Saturday, March 2, in a Lagos state hospital.

Mr Ibu Cause Of Death

Before his painful death, Mr Ibu faced persistent issues with blood clotting, attributed to diseased blood vessels, and struggled with various health challenges over the years.

In October 2023, he came to the internet to seek financial assistance to address his ailment, with initial plans to seek medical care abroad.

Unfortunately, the doctors deemed him unfit for international travel, abandoning the overseas treatment option.

As his health deteriorated, Mr Ibu underwent the amputation of his leg in November 2023, marking a challenging phase in his battle against the debilitating condition. At the time of his passing, the veteran actor was 62 years old.

Renowned for his exceptional portrayal of humorous characters in movies, Mr Ibu left an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His demise leaves behind a grieving family, including his wife and children, as well as a void in the hearts of fans who cherished his unique talent for bringing laughter to the screen.

The legacy of Mr Ibu will undoubtedly endure through the memorable characters he brought to life during his illustrious career.

Mr Ibu Net Worth

According to our checks, John Okafor had an estimated net worth of around $3 million at the time of his sad and sudden death.

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