Mzgee shades Delay following reports that she’ll be taking over from her at UTV very soon?

Following the trending reports that Delay has been contacted by the manage t of UTV to take over from Mzgee – The astute TV show host has shared a personal life story on social media which has been tagged as an indirect jab.

In the self-made video, Mzgee basically slammed people who are envious of their colleagues doing better than them.

According to Mzgee, envy and jealousy are the tools the devil uses to the love and appreciation we should have for the people doing better than us.

She expressed that instead of hating on people who are doing better than us and trying to take over from them, we should rather tap into their blessings because the sky is big enough for all of us to succeed.

She ended her advice which has since been pinned as a subtle jab at Delay by emphatically stating that enemies will catch up with up jealous and bitter people.

She captioned the now-viral video as;

Lend me your ears ?
An anointing, you don’t respect, you don’t attract!
A blessing, you don’t appreciate, you don’t attract.
Have a blessed day!

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