Nadia Buari Cries Out As She Loses Her Best Friend – Shares Their Beautiful Moments Together

A-List Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari sent shivers down Ghanaians’ spines last week when she posted brokenhearted emoticons.

Nadia’s message suggested she was devastated and depressed.

Though she did not speak up about it, she has now revealed to her admirers what was eating her up.

Nadia Buari seems to have lost her dearest friend, Jen.

Jen, according to Nadia, was a classmate who eventually became her greatest friend and confidante.

She confided in her about all of her concerns, from personal to relationship-related.

And they recognized their worries and trusted each other with their secrets.

Nadia confessed that her best friend was suffering from an unknown ailment that ended her life a week ago.

Nadia Buari posted on social media:

It’s been a whole week of struggling to write these lines, because I couldn’t find the exact words to describe our relationship and all the feelings involved in it. Somehow, it was easier to just sit and cry in the dark than to do this at last.
Over 20 years of friendship, this beautiful woman, inside and out, was a wonderful friend and a sister to me, with her supportive and caring nature.
First time we met in high school, I knew immediately, she would be my best friend and I wasn’t mistaken.
For the next couple of years, we shared everything that two girlfriends can share.
For her, I was the person she turned to when things got rough.
We knew our secrets, desires, fears, silly crushes and serious relationship problems. We had no secrets, never lied to each other, were always brutally honest and full of respect.
Jen let me into her inner world, into her mind and deepest corners of her soul, and so did I.
Jen took stride and strived never to complain about her health. A concern she wished she kept from us not to make us worried about her, because she rather worried about us all. We shared a common hope concerning this.
She was always very optimistic, very positive…
There was never a sad moment with Jen, and I always felt that energy whenever I was with her. After some years of health battle, my sister has left us so painfully.
I’m I mad that she didn’t open up about the severity of her condition, just because she wanted to keep us all happy? Absolutely, but she knew if I had known, I would have spent her final years with her being scared of that fon call.
I wouldn’t have been able to build the beautiful memories I built with her.
Jenny, my sweet sister, my memories of you remain that of love, of laughter, of humility and of care and appreciation for everyone.
You will forever remain an open chapter of importance in my life that nothing can ever close.
Nature might have taken away your body from us, but nature could not defeat your nature of love.
Your love was caring, your caring was love.
May Your Rest Be In Peace With The God You Believed In All Your Life.
Today, my sweet sister and friend, You have become the earth’s loss and HEAVEN’S GAIN!

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