Nana Agradaa Biography, Age, Net worth, Children, Husband, Church, Real name

Nana Agradaa is a self-proclaimed Ghanaian spiritualist and fetish priestess who gained notoriety for her “Sika Gari” ritual, which promised to double people’s money through spiritual means. She operated a television station called Thunder TV, where she would advertise her services and perform rituals on live TV.

However, in April 2021, Nana Agradaa was arrested by Ghanaian authorities for operating two television stations illegally and for defrauding people under false pretenses. She was also charged with violating the Electronic Transactions Act by operating a TV station without a license. In court, she pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to three years in prison.

After her arrest, Nana Agradaa publicly renounced her previous practices and destroyed her idols and shrines. She also changed her name to Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng and converted to Christianity.

Nana Agradaa Biography

Patricia Oduro Asiedua popularly known as Nana Agradaa or Evangelist Mama Pat is a Ghanaian spiritual leader. She was first known and recognized as a fetish priestess until 2021 when she openly declared her repentance and became part of the Christian family.

She is the brain behind the “sika gari” term; a term which is associated with increased wealth of whatever one sends to her shrine. Nana Agradaa was also accused of deceiving and allegedly defrauding people of their wealth which was sent for doubling.

Nana Agradaa Church

Nana Agradaa is currently the founder and leader of the Heaven Way Church in Accra, Ghana.

When did Nana Agradaa become famous?

Nana Agradaa became famous in Ghana as a priestess who doubled wealth for customers. She had her shrine in Sowutuom where she performed her money doubling activities. She also gained popularity as a result of some scandals she was involved in with clients who visited her for spiritual and financial assistance.

Nana Agradaa Nationality

Nana Agradaa is a Ghanaian. She was born and raised in Ghana.


Nana Agradaa Age: How old is Nana Agradaa?

Nana Agradaa was born in 1972. She is 50 years old as of 2022.

Nana Agradaa Husband

Nana Agradaa is married to Evangelist Eric Oduro Korantenga. They have been married for several years.

Nana Agradaa Children

Nana Agradaa has 4 children together with her husband.

Nana Agradaa Height

Nana Agradaa is tall. She has a height of 6 feet 2 inches equivalent to 210 centimeters or  1.69 meters.

Nana Agradaa Weight

Nana Agradaa is thick and heavy. She has a weight of 115 lbs equivalent to 78 kilograms.

Nana Agradaa Net Worth

Nana Agradaa is quite rich. She has a net worth of about $200,000 in estimation. This income comes from her business as a spiritual leader.

Nana Agradaa  Instagram

Nana Agradaa is active on social media. She has an Instagram account with over 70 k followers. You can check her out on

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